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2 more treatments!!! Oh, this has been a long road. Our baby has grown into a beautiful little girl while going through this rough road. She is such a little angel. Angela showed me a picture of when she was 4 this weekend at her parent’s house. She looks just like Angela did at that age, so we are going to definitely be in trouble when she is a teenager. Mama is HOT!!!

I am working on being hot again. OK. For the first time. I am revamping my entire life and I am riding my bike for an hour every morning. I also started The Master Cleanse last Thursday. I only consume a drink consisting of fresh squeezed organic lemons, organic grade b maple syrup, a dash of cayenne pepper, and filtered water. It sounds weird, but I am not hungry. The last thing I ate was a piece of pizza last Wednesday night! I have had some weird cravings (pot roast, bacon cheeseburgers, etc) and been hungry only a handful of times.

My energy level has been high, in fact I worked out last night for 2 hours last night and folded a couple loads of laundry and could only sleep 2 hours. The digestive system burns a lot of energy and can make you tired. Mine is shut down at this point and thus I do not require nearly as much sleep. Still trying to get used to that.

Just got off the phone with Angela. She may stay another week at her parents. It is good for her, she gets lots of help there. Bad for me, I miss my family. I don’t even have daisy now, she is running around outdoors in South Georgia. Adelaine is having fun playing outside with the neighbor girl.

Adelaine’s next treatment is August 8th. Angela is working on getting an Angel flight from there to West Palm.


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