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It’s been a while since we’ve updated Miss Adelaine’s website. On Saturday we had a big day at Bush Gardens for Bowen’s fifth birthday bash. The Mayhew’s met us there and we had a blast. Bowen rode his first real roller coaster, it went upside down and everything. I don’t think he will be so daring again for a long time! Anissa and I even snuck away and rode Shiekra (the newest roller coaster at the park) a few times! During our third ride, I began to realize how the extra large bag of cotton candy wasn’t mixing well with going upside down. Can cotton candy really give you a hangover? Oh yes!!!

As for Adelaine, we took her to the clinic on Friday, planning for her to get more blood. To our surprise, her blood levels went up all on their own. Her ANC and all her counts were good and we got the go ahead for Bush Gardens. She enjoyed every moment. Peyton and Rachael being there really made it a perfect day for her. Sunday Adelaine and I stayed home while the boys went to church. Yes, I still had the cotton candy hang over and plus Adelaine really did need to rest. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights were rough because of the steroids. Adelaine just could not sleep and was miserable. She has still been complaining a lot about this and that hurting. Her latest ailment is jaw pain.

Our Adelaine is such a little doll. All during her steroids last week she did stay in her bed, which we had successfully taught her to do a couple of weeks ago. But by the end of her treatment, she just couldn’t sleep so she would call out to us. By about the 10th time of going into her room I finally gave up and crawled into bed with her (this was on Monday night). She announced that she was going to “frow” up. I grabbed the bed pan from under the bed and that was that. If I hadn’t gotten into her bed things would have definitely gotten messy! She’s such a good girl I know she wouldn’t have gotten out of her bed. Because of the time change (which we should all boycott in my opinion), we were all up and stirring before the sun this morning. Doug went into her room and told her she could go get in bed with mommy but she refused because the sun wasn’t up yet. Last night she finally slept well again. Today was a great day for her. She sang her little made up songs and happily skipped around the house, oh my heart was so warm by her. I pray that we can have many more days like today. Tonight she said that she will be a quiet girl so mommy can sleep, which means that she feels tired and will probably sleep well tonight. Let’s hope so!

And now a few interesting facts about Adelaine’s world:
Flying dragons really exist here, only in everyone else’s world their dragon flies!
Car seat sick is different from being car sick, it doesn’t involve “frowing” up.
She has renamed the mosquito to just plain “bug bite”. Hey lets just call it what it really is, ok.
Her favorite baby doll names are Mifka (I hope I’m spelling that right, being that I’ve never heard of that name before, I can’t be too sure), and Brianna (she’s from one of her Barbie movies)!
Adealine’s mommy says that before she can have a baby she has to get married. So she tells me and Doug regularly that she hopes we get married soon!

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Sunday after church we went to a picnic the Junior League put on through the Children’s Cancer Center of Tampa. We weren’t planning to go because we didn’t want to push Adelaine to hard, but changed our minds at the last minute. Her doctors said that her counts were up and it would be fine to go and do with her. It was a tough call, but anything the Children’s Cancer Center does is worth going to, and Adelaine had a ball!

Yesterday morning, Adelaine woke up with bed head! We actually needed to wet and comb her hair, the things we used to take for granted! It’s still very short but is coming in thick, blond and beautiful. She actually has more hair than Doug now! As long as it continues to grow she’ll have her luscious hair back in no time!

Yesterday proved to be a big day for us, not only did Adelaine start the day off with what was going to potentially be a bad hair day, she also had to go to the clinic for a big day of treatments. Some things mommy can make all better and some things, well some things you just have to face head on, hair or no hair, good hair or not…

Honestly, Adelaine doesn’t care that much about her hair; after all she has a cool do like Daddy and Peyton. I’m sure she wonders what the fuss is about. When your faced with being stuck in the chest with a big needle, who really gives a about hair anyway!

At the clinic Adelaine’s counts were in the 3000’s! However, her hemoglobin is down in the dumps, at 8.6. Friday we will go back and possible have an infusion so she will be able to enjoy the weekend somewhat. Even though she is still taking her antibiotics for the blood infection she had last week, her treatments must press on. She got Vincristine injected into her port and began another round of steroids, along with all the other oral chemo she’s been taking.

Doug and I have worked hard since we got her home from the hospital this last time, to teach her to stay in her bed until the sun comes up. The boys have always has to abide by this and we were desperate for a good nights sleep. The first few nights we were up about five times, and then it got less and less. Two nights in a row she actually slept through the night, which she hadn’t done in seven months. We would smile and say how we just couldn’t wait for the sun to come up so we could snuggle with her, but first we had to get our much needed rest! The next morning she would come in and announce to the world that the sun had indeed risen and climb into our bed expecting lots of hugs and kisses, which we were thrilled to give. We’re hoping that all this progress wasn’t in vain. With the restlessness and hunger pangs that come with taking the steroids, we very well may end up right back where we started.

Overall, Adelaine feels lousy. She complains constantly of something hurting. Sometimes it’s her arms, other times it’s her legs, or her head or her tummy or something else. She asks to be carried through the house a lot because she is too tired to walk. Often when I pick her up she cries that I hurt her. She seems so delicate and fragile these days. Then she has moments of seeming just fine. She can walk and run when she wants to. How she is feeling changes hour to hour. Watching her go through this is helpless and gut- wrenching. We just have to try and put ourselves in her place. If we had to take all the chemo she’s getting I can only imagine how sick we would feel. She is truly an amazing little girl!

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Today we got a call from the dentist. I guess we won the cancellation prize! What perfect timing too. She had to be on Omnicef before the cleaning and low and behold she is already on it for her blood infection! These days we never know what the day may bring. The boys went last week without her because she was in the hospital, so she had to fly solo on her very first trip. She even seemed a little excited about going. When we got there they had us watch video footage about a Chimpanzee getting his teeth cleaned! He actually went to the dentist and walked us through the entire process, a piece of cake, right? She happily went to the back with me and there he was no not the Chimp but a little boy, Chandler getting his teeth cleaned. Adelaine freaked when she saw this. It just looked painful to her. She looked at me and announced that she was not going to open her mouth! Chandler told her that it didn’t hurt, but she just couldn’t believe him. For the next fifteen minutes Adelaine screamed. She screamed through the entire cleaning process, but at least she did open her mouth! They dentist told me I was doing a great job of brushing her teeth, me, a great job! I’m not sure if I heard the harmonizing sounds of angels of if my ears were just still ringing, but the news was unbelievable to me. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he would have told me that she had 15 cavities or so.

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Today marks seven months since Adelaine was diagnosed with Leukemia! Thank you everyone for calling, emailing and praying, things have really turned around for Adelaine these past few days in the hospital. The type of blood infection she has is under control. Yesterday, her blood tested negative for the bacteria. She still will continue on oral antibiotics for a while so that it doesn’t come right back, but she doesn’t have to have an IV pump at home or an in home nurse. Her fever has been gone for several days, her ANC is up and she is feeling much better now. Wow! A complete turn around, we are so happy! To add a cherry on top, Mason was accepted into the gifted program at school. This afternoon we are going to a meeting about it. Bowen and Adelaine both have birthdays coming up. We are ecstatic to be leaving the hospital today and to begin enjoying all the good things March will bring! We feel so blessed.

As tradition, Mason and Bowen camped while sis was in the hospital!
The tent was set up in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, where else?

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