“Do you tink we’ll ever find our Prince Charming”?

“Oh, I know I must be patient”

“I pray one day I’ll find him”

“I hope one day my dreams will come true”

“Two Prince Charmings, Whats a girl to do?”

This month Adelaine made some wonderful memories. She went to see “Disney on Ice” and we brought her friend Kaila to see it with us. They both dressed up like princesses, Adelaine was dressed up in her formal Cinderella wear! I had the honor of taking the girls to the performance. I assured Kaila’s parents that I’d have her home by midnight!! Anissa, Peyton and Rachael were there too, all us girls had a ball! It was a girlish evening of glitz and glitter. Especially wonderful for me, after all I was pregnant for 27 months before getting my girl!!!

Also, Adelaine’s good friend Ashley turned three this month. Cinderella was there to help celebrate this special occasion! Adelaine and all the little girls at the party had on their Disney gowns. Oh yes, Adelaine got to meet Cinderella in person and she was in awe at meeting a real princess!

With all the hob-knobbing with princesses, Adelaine’s had the best month she’s had in quite a while. In fact, because her counts are so good, she only has to go into the clinic every 14 days instead of her usual 7. With antibiotics, her ear tube is all cleared up and her tubes are finally working properly. On Thursday she got Vincristine and began her five days of monthly steroids. Also, she has started antibiotics because she was so congested; and she has developed cough induced asthma. (Mason and Bowen also have coughed induced asthma). Even still, she is feeling great and is sleeping well so far!

It was a Cinderella month for me as well! Mother’s day was just wonderful. Doug worked so hard to make it special. I requested that we skip church so we could all spend the day together. It seems we are always on the go, and it was great to just stay home and relax. The children served me their homemade breakfast and brought in cards and gifts, while I was in bed. Later, Adelaine and I took a long nap together while the guys washed and waxed our car. We did go out to lunch at Chattaways and ate in the garden, it was like a little getaway in itself! I felt very loved, well rested and pampered!

The Sunday after Mother’s Day, the Children’s Cancer Center had a very special Spa day at The Grand Spa in Tampa. I spent the day in the sauna, steam room, sunning, getting a body message and facial, needless to say, by that afternoon I felt like a new woman. Sheila, a childhood friend was in town for a few days. We spent Saturday evening doing a fundraiser scavenger hunt sponsored by the Ye Mystic Krewe of the Nautilus, in Tampa. It was a wild night in Ybor city, but all in the name of fundraising, right! Adelaine’s oncologist spent a few hundred dollars to sponsor Sheila and me for the event! Way to go Dr. Barbosa, we had an awesome time! Needless to say a very exhausted Sheila slept the next morning, while I went to the spa. I slept a little myself during treatments, it was most relaxing and dreamy! Thank you Dr. Barbosa, the CCC and The Grand!

Over Memorial Day Weekend I had a nice relaxing four-day getaway in Jacksonville with a life-long friend, Katherine. She flew and I drove and picked her up from the airport. Katherine is a mother of three also, ages three, four and five, one of which is autistic. We both longed for a getaway and planned months ago to make our daydream a reality. Magically it all came together! After all the hospital stays and illnesses with Adelaine, I had my doubts that we could really pull it off. I honestly think that vacation was really nothing short of a miracle! My neighbor’s daughter, Loraine, lives in Jacksonville and was going to be out of town for the holiday. She generously offered us to stay in her home while she was away, so we could have a little getaway ourselves! When we arrived, she had a beautiful gift basket on the bed for us; she went grocery shopping and stocked her kitchen with all sorts of extravagant goodies. Her home was beautiful, complete with a big screened television with surround sound, and a pool! My bed was the most comfortable bed I’d ever slept in. Imagine 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a sleep number bed! Who new a sleep number bed could be that great? We were just minutes from the beach and all the best places to shop and eat. We spent the next four days at the pool, watching movies, going out to eat, and we even squeezed in a pedicure! The night before we left, Loraine returned home and Katherine got to meet her. She took us both out to eat at Magianos, the food and atmosphere were incredible! It was a fabulous getaway for sure!

Doug was so sweet and supportive about the trip. He and the children spent time at home making pizzas, homemade chocolate-chip cookies, riding bikes, cleaning out the shop, playing video games and watching movies. Things did get a little crazy out in the back yard with the garden hose. Doug must have gotten a little stir crazy and decided to wet the clubhouse slide and put the baby pool at the bottom of it. The kids (Doug included) has a blast and luckily their creativeness didn’t land anyone at All Children’s, in fact no one even got hurt (yet another miracle)! Everyone was excited when I returned home. I felt like a celebrity for a few days. Being able to mentally and physically escape for a few was fabulous. In almost eight years of marriage now, I’ve never been away before. Doug and I have never gone on a vacation together without the children, either. I realize now how important it is to get away and I hope somehow we will make it a priority this year.

Now for the cherries! Doug and I brought home a second car last night! Not having a car is so, so difficult, especially having so many obligations for the children. We are thankful to have gotten the one car, and for us two cars is simply a luxury. Its amazing the things we used to take for granted! We’re now also the proud owner of a Cadillac, which we have named Pearl. Can you guess what color she is? Anyway it is so luxurious, I’m not quite sure what to do with myself! Doug has taken over the Kia and I’m driving Pearl. Because the car was once my Grandmother’s, I feel especially privileged to drive it around. It’s like I know she smiling down from Heaven on us!

Tonight Peyton and Adelaine are having a sleep over! They played so well together this evening, (even though they both effected by steroids right now). Anissa and Peyton are at our house tonight and will be at All Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald all this week. Because Peyton tested positive for Leukemia in her brain and spinal chord, she begins radiation treatments tomorrow at 5:00 am. She just finished three weeks of steroids and is undergoing lots of intense chemotherapy.

Our girls’ 3-year old minds are protected by their young ages from all the challenges they are up against, being so young really is a blessing. They played together today without a care in the world. They laughed and giggled while they played tea party. Neither one knew of what challenges Peyton will be up against this week. Please pray for Peyton and please pray special prayers for Anissa and Peter, as her parents they are well aware! Peyton is just a few weeks away from maintenance phase of treatments. Pease pray that they get through these next few extremely stressful weeks and that once they make it to maintenance it will be as pleasurable as it sounds! Also, please remember Peyton’s brother and sister, Nathaniel and Rachel, this is a very stressful time for them as well!