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As you can imagine. Cancer is expensive. We were just getting caught up financially from a job loss and then the ups and downs of real estate when Adelaine was diagnosed last year. I missed quite a bit of work last year and my focus was off. My sales have not been where they should be, thus the commission part of my compensation has been lagging. Things are looking up financially finally. I have a new team project I have been assigned to with a large block of our California clients. This is great except for the fact that the majority of the business that I have been dealing with is in the Northeast. “Unofficially” my hours are 8:15am-8:15pm due to the business hours across the country. Most days I am one of the first in my dept to arrive and most days the last to leave.

We have had some ups and downs with our mortgage and we actually put our home on the market recently. In discussions with our mortgage company last week, we worked out a plan to get us back to square 1. The biggest hurdle has been a large lump sum upfront to show an act of good faith from us. We told the bank, “Sure we can do that, send us the paperwork.” Then we started praying something like this, “Oh God Dear God … you have brought us this far, we have not missed a meal, just please keep on blessing us, and provide a way for us to stay in our house.”

We have been working feverishly to raise the money in the time frame given by the bank (OK it has been all Angela, what am I supposed to do? I’m working 10-12 hours a day, plus she is Super Model beautiful and I am … well anyways). Today we received a complete surprise in the mail. At 1:29 pm Angela called me and told me we got a check today! Wow, how did we do that? Your cousin Lisa sent it!?!???? Lisa’s husband and oldest son rode in a charity motocross event, and Adelaine was the charity! Evidently, the Baracskai family in Ohio has been hanging out at our website since Christmas, and instead of leaving a comment or signing the guestbook, they did a charity ride for Adelaine. We still have more to raise, but this is an unbelievable, out of left field unexpected blessing to start with.

Lisa’s husband Tom Baracskai served our country bravely for years as an Army MP. They have been stationed all over the world and are now back home in Ohio. Tom is now a Police Officer in Elyria Oh and the members of the motocross team are all affiliated in some way to law enforcement. Here is a link to the team Hot Pursuit MX and alink to the Charity Ride they did for Adelaine. Spencer is number 18. Watch him fly through the air. Watch out X-Games, Spencer is kickin butt out there.

Tom & Lisa Baracskai have 5 children: Kaylee, Spencer, Riley, Grace and Faith. Lisa is my Uncle Larry and Aunt Linda’s oldest daughter. Now that I am am older, have a bit of a belly, combined with an extremely short haircut, I look like my dad and his brothers Larry and Bob. Sorry guys, but I am going on a diet. I don’t need to look just like guys in their late 50’s early sixties.

Thank you Hot Pursuit MX. TEAM RIDERS

Spencer Baracskai rides in Schoolboy, 125C, and 2stroke on an RM125 #018

Larry Covey Larry is our only quad rider at the moment, and rides in the SR Quad class.

Jack Babet rides KTM 65 Beginner 65 and Jr. Mini #11

Mike Babet – Mike will be riding an RMZ450 this year in the +30C and +40 classes. #11

Tom Baracskai – Tom will ride under #018 on a KTM 200SX, and will ride in the +30C and maybe a +40 class.

Joel Eckstine – Joel rides +30B and various other B classes.

Jerry Coffee – Jerry rides a Yamaha in the +30C classes and sports 809 as his riding number.

You have NO idea what this means to us.

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Adelaine and Liem, and were both diagnosed with Leukemia and are
currently undergoing treatments at All Children’s Hospital.

Join us for benefit lunch at Carrabba’s Italian Grill
Saturday September 15th
3530 Tyrone Blvd., St. Petersburg
from 12:00 to 2:00

Each adult plate will cost $20.00 and children $10.00. There will also be raffles for various packages including spa treatments, restaurant gift cards and many more.
All proceeds go to these two families to help alleviate the expenses they have incurred since their child’s cancer diagnosis.

Honored guests include the Disney Princesses and Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean! Also, the Star Wars Storm Troopers will be attending, along with even more surprise guests! It will be fun for the whole family. Children don’t forget to dress up!

If you would like to donate to these families but cannot attend,
please make checks payable to the Children’s Cancer Center,
in the Memo area be sure to write for Liem and Adelaine
Mail to: Children’s Cancer Center
4901 West Cypress Street, Tampa, FL 33607

Your may also make a payment by credit card through the CCC, call 813- For Kids, ask for Patty Zipter at Ex. 2.
Each donation is 100% tax deductible.

For more information or questions contact Adelaine’s mom at, or Liem’s mom, Annike at
727-323-5634 or email



St. Petersburg Country Club, 2 Gift Certificates of Golf for 4 each
Southern Living Gift Basket
Ritz Camera 1 Digital Camera
Quizno’s Gift Certificate
Vinyl Fever Music Gift Certificate
Roy’s in Tampa Gift Certificate
Cello’s Dinner for Two
Somer’s & Co. Mani/Pedi Scalp treatment and Cut
Paradise Restaurant Gift Certificate
Tampa Bay Bounce, Princess or Crayon Bounce House
K.B. Toys Tickle Me Elmo
Ultimate Party and Play Zone Gift Certificate
Future Flips Gymnastics for Kids $50 Gift Certificate
La Floors Gymnastics for Kids Gift Certificate
Lenny’s Restaurant Gift Certificate
Cork & Olive Gift Certificate
My Little Playtown, $25 Gift Certificate
Largo Golf Course, Golf for 4 including carts
Publix, 3 Gift Certificates
Great Explorations 1 Year Membership for a Family
Lots to Cuddle, Mini Baby Doll
Bob Evans Resturant Gift Certificate
Wing House Resturant Gift Certfificate
Hooters Resturant Gift Certificate
Beef O Bradys Resturant Gift Certificate
Chellos Charhouse, in Safty Harbor, Dinner for Two
Paradise Resturant in Safty Harbor
West Coast Power Sports, 2 Gift Certificates
Village Inn Resturant Gift Certificate
The Melting Pot Gift Certificates
** Did you know Hooters donates to the Ronald Mcdonald House and does a lot af charity work to support Kids with Cancer?

* More to Come *
Isn’t God Awesome!!!!
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It’s been soooo long since we’ve last posted that I guess I can just give a brief recap of the summer and try to do better from here on out…

We all had a great summer! Adelaine hasn’t been in the hospital, not once this entire summer. Can you believe it? In addition to her MonaVie, she started taking the “Bud Wig Concoction”, which is an extremely healthy paste that she eats every night. Her hair and nails are growing like crazy and she feels great! Last week her counts were at 1600, which is pretty good (if they are too high, they will increase her chemo doses) This Friday she will begin steroids and have a Vinchristine injection.

We still reminisce about our incredible “Give Kid’s the World” trip, and haven’t made it back to visit yet! Doug is still planning to give a day by day blow of the trip. All three children went on a camping trip to St. Augustine for six days with my parents. They had a blast and so did we!!! It was the first time Adelaine had ever been away from us, and my parents said she never cried! I’m am so thankful that she felt so secure, and I’m secure enough to be ok with the fact that she didn’t sob for me! My mom says Adelaine LIVES LIFE TO THE FULLEST! I can’t think of a better way to describe her. She perfected her swimming while on the camping trip. She now swims like a fish, diving to the bottom to pick up diving rings, doing flips under water, and the whole bit, and never had a swimming lesson a day in her life! She has a new found love for horses too. She’s been riding a few times during the summer. Her “Guys” just loved having her go with them camping, she kept everyone laughing! During their trip, Doug spent the Cancer Dad’s Weekend with Peter, and I had three whole days at home by myself!!!!! It was Awesome! I was able to reconnect with some old girlfriends that I hadn’t seen for a while.

During the summer, we’ve had numerous tea parties. Adelaine just loves tea parties, even if it’s only with the grown ups. She really knows how to captivate an audience, and is learning about waiting her turn to talk as not to be “Rude”. She doesn’t like that word, it makes her cry! And I was worried that all these treatments and tests would cause her to be introverted! Instead she feels VERY comfortable around anybody, adults, strangers… just give her an audience!!!!

We had play dates for the boys, went swimming almost every day, had numerous beach trips, went on bike rides and ate a lot of popsicles!!! The summer went by in a flash. Last Tuesday the boys started school. Mason went into the second grade and Bowen started Kindergarten ( yes, I cried like a baby)! This year they are at Bay Point Magnet and love it! Bowen has the perfect K. teacher, Ms. Griffin. We actually met her at a Halloween party at some friend’s house last year and really hit it off. She wasn’t even teaching at Bay Point at that time, and I had no idea she would be there this year. ISN’T GOD AWESOME!!!!! Mason has Mr. Wood and is so happy. He comes home every day and announces how school seems more like camp than school! Granted they haven’t had any homework yet!

Mason and Bowen 3rd Day of School ( I Know, why didn’t we capture day 1 or atleast day 2? It seems I can’t even snap a picture, much less update our website.)


Our dear friends, Scott and Julie Graubard, along with their sons, Josh and Jesse, moved to the Caiman Islands. Yes, Adelaine’s Josh moved away, but I’m sure he won’t forget about her! Anyway, before they left, they gave us some of their stuff. The Vineyard Church scored big, they gave away just about everything the owned! We got a TV and Jesse’s old bike trailer. Can anyone say “Pimp My Ride”? Since were now at Bay Point, we can ride our bikes to school everyday! It is such a great way to start the day. I guess it’s about four miles to the school and back, so I’m able to start exercising again!

About the bike cart…well, our old ‘Princess Cart” was made of fabric and getting old and worn. Jesse’s was made of a yellow plastic mold, with a steel frame, in the good ol’ USA. But it needed some work. For two weeks I spent all my spare time on it. All the metal was sanded, primed and painted, the wheels were replaced, new seat cushions were made, fabric was sown for the back, I installed a fan, painted the rims aluminum, Doug put in drink holders in this weekend, we redesigned the bike attachment, and to top it all off, we had to come up with some type of roof for it, a surfboard!!! There’s nothing left of our original old fabric one, we gutted it for the parts. Our one of a kind is cool and definitely Florida style. Adelaine turns on her fan, takes her shoes off, kicks back and enjoys the ride. She looks like the “Cat’s Meow” riding down the street! Bowen likes it so much that he doesn’t even ride his bike to school.

Did Someone say, “Pimp My Ride”?


I look back at last year and how hard it was. Poor Adelaine was so sick and we were on crises mode much of the time. We were at the mercy of friends to pick the boys up and deliver tem to the hospital after school. Poor Mason never brought his lunch to school, not even once! This year is already light-years better than lat year! We are so blessed!

About our house situation… I finally was able to contact the bank, and they have agreed to work with us, so we can hopefully keep our house. They want $3,000.00 upfront to off set our payments, and then our payments will be close to what we were originally paid. PLEASE pray for this situation. If we can get it worked out, we will have a grasp on our financial situation. I worked a job over the summer caring for an elderly lady. It was three days a week for two weeks, just so I could get my feet wet. Mid September I will be working again, but ongoing. It has been such a blessing that I can work while the children sleep. I so want to be here for them. I can work and get some sleep, so it is just the perfect job!

Anyway, Doug contacted the bank on Thursday, and got everything in writing. The bank has given us until September 7th (they originally told me we’d have 45 days) to come up with the back payments. That’s not much time, but we know God can turn this all around! Please keep us in prayer. On September 15th, we have planned a fundraiser with Liem Houtz, a four year old little boy, who also was diagnosed with All Leukemia. We will have a lunch at Carrabba’s on Saturday, September 15th from 12:00 to 2:00. There will be items for auction, Disney Princesses and Cap’n. Jack Sparrow! We will post more info. soon!

Adelaine and Liem, good friends both undergoing treatment for Leukemia at All Children’s


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GKTW Day 3

Breakfast at the crack of 9 am and then a ride on the merry go round, then off to EPCOT. I remember going to EPCOT when I was in 6th grade. To put it bluntly pppplllllllltttt. It stunk. BORING. So day 3 why not go we have free tickets at least we can say we went. Whoa baby! EPCOT was our favorite park of our trip.

The wait for the rides @ EPCOT are inside the buildings. Nemo is a blast, Test Track with the boys was a riot, but Soarin’ was unbelievable. It is a screen that they lift your row up into and run film shot from a helicopter or a small airplane flying through various parts of California. Vineyards, orange groves, rivers and snow covered peaks fly past you so closely you are ducking your head and lifting your feet up constantly for fear of hitting them. They change the temperatures and the smells to accentuate the experience. Yes, we did ride it 3 times. Hey we had the rockin’ Sick Kid Go to the Head of the Class pass and we took full advantage of it.

We ate lunch in Italy. Delicioso. The kids had a $20 plate of spaghetti.

We were jumped to the head of the line to the building that contained 6 Disney Characters lined up for pictures. We got pictures of the kids with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and Chippendales. No, wait it wasn’t give Angela the world, it was Chip and Dale. You know the chipmunks. 15 minutes total spent taking pictures with all these characters. Its embarrassing to tell you how long the wait was for the common folk.


We conquered EPCOT in about 4 hours. That pass is REALLY cool.

We made it back in time for dinner at GKTW and ice cream afterwards.

Everyone crashed into bed early, except for me. I took a drive down the neon strip in Kissimmee about 10pm. Vegas aint got nuthin on Hwy 192 when it comes to neon lights.


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Pray for Mike

Mike Alstott is far and away our favorite football player. Yesterday he announced that he had hurt his neck again and that he will be on Injured Reserve for this entire season. Mike does as much if not more, for local children whether through The Children’s Cancer Center or other child focused area charities. Mike has a wife and 3 small children. Please pray for God’s miraculous healing on his neck.


I have been a fan of Mike’s since he and his High school football team, Joliet Catholic High School beat our rival High School the Geneseo, IL Maple Leafs in 1990. Clip of 40 State Championship. Mike & I both graduated from High School in the spring of 1992. Mike went on to star at Purdue, I uh, went on to Northern Illinois University and once gave blood and then ran up 8 flights of stairs to get a weird head rush. Cant you see the similarities?


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