Adelaine make it through another week of steroids. She is the official assistant soccer coach for the Grasshoppers this year. She goes to all the practices and runs just as hard as everyone else on the team, even though they are 1 to 3 years older than she is! I told Doug last week that those kids on the team had better watch out with Adelaine on steroids she may just take out all her aggressions on one and he might not be getting up!!! In fact, last week while Bowen was praying, he not only prayed that Adelaine would never have cancer again, but he also added a little something new, that she would never have to take steroids again! For one week a month, the boys have learned to just stay away and only talk to her if absolutely necessary, otherwise they risk getting their heads bitten off! Monday, while we were in the kitchen, she started to sing a little made up song. I thought to myself, “We’ll she’s back again”! She has been such a little doll this week. It’s great to have her back.

What gets me through? I have learned to take things a minute at the time. It’s been a great lesson. When I was in College, all I could think about was graduating. While cleaning my house or cooking dinner or performing whatever mundane task, I always focus on the end result. My entire life I’ve always been in this mental race to get to the next place. I realize now that I have missed out on soooo many little blessings right under my nose because of it. Today, my life is so much more fulfilling. WHATEVER I happen to be doing I try to look around and see what blessings God is giving me at that moment, wow, I have missed so much. Yesterday, while Adelaine was giving me a hard time aout going to the bank instead of straight to “Pretend School”, I noticed He made the sky all blue and with no clouds, it was gorgeous. He had also made the weather perfect, the temprature of the air , I couldn’t even feel it yesterday, it was just amazing. While I’m cooking dinner the children come and say the funniest things, before I would hear and respond, but not REALLY listen. I’m trying to teach my children this lesson I’ve learned. When Adelaine says, “I’m having a blueberry day”, (which means she’s not enjoying herself), I remind her that she’s just having a blueberry moment, which doesn’t ruin the entire day!

Last week at the clinic I asked about life after treatment. Even though I’ve learning to be happy and content with the now, I still have this bad little habit of wanting to know what lies ahead. Well, apparently, once a month for the first year off treatment, she will have to have her blood tested for relapse. I asked about having her other organs tested and originally the answer was “no” until they realized that she did take Dox, which is known to cause damage to the heart. She will have to have a echocardiogram done regularly for the rest of her life! I wish I would have know that taking that particular chemo was on the fence, I would have really tried to talked our way out of her getting it.

Speaking of her heart, a few days ago, Adelaine had just woken up from her nap and I was lying next to her in bed. While she was watching TV I laid my head on her chest to snuggle. I started listening to her heartbeat. It was crazy, beating here and there, not your usual thump thump. So now I’m really concerned. I was planning to call the oncologist and the cardiologist and start all the tests again, but have decided to bring it up during our next appointment. She has had so many tests and procedures I don’t want to put her through all that this week. In the meantime she’s playing soccer and appears to be normal! I’m not ignoring it just giving her a few more “normal days” which she really deserves. Please pray that it’s nothing serious.

It was a busy weekend for us…

Shhhhh! Dont tell coach Brad actually played street hockey with a bunch of kids swingin sticks like golf clubs! He is the highest paid hockey player in the league. He has no high and mighty airs about him. Truly a class indivdual.

Last Friday afternoon, we had plans to meet with Brad Richards with the Tampa Bay Lightings for a celebration. He has officially started the “Brad Richards Foundation” which is now in addition to Richys Rascals. That morning Adelaine and I spent at the clinic, having her blood levels checked. Her counts are back up in the 2000’s which is great. However her rash that she’s had for 3 months now is fairing up like crazy. I have stopped the cortisone, and am going to let it run its course for a while. I honestly think she’s allergic to the chemo, but the doctors are not going to take her off regardless. Anyway, we came home for a short rest before we were off to the party, but Doug came home with Mason, who was sick from school. After letting him rest for a few hours, he was still in severe pain, so I finally decided he must be having an appendicitis. Doug took the other two to meet Brad, and I took Mason to All Children’s Hospital. As I sat in the emergency room, memories flooded my mind of being there with Adelaine 1/12 years ago. I had no idea that it would be something with her that would forever change our lives, who would have ever guessed that she would have cancer? I tried not to get too worried about Mason, after all probably nothing a little surgery couldn’t fix, right? But luckily with Mason, it turned out to be the other big “C”, Constipation! If only we could have had that diagnosis in 06’ , right?


While we were at the hospital, everyone else had a blast at Brad’s party! It was a hard lesson (no pun intended), but I think Mason has a better understanding of our families plan to make healthy choices, and he is more on board now! Although, it didn’t help that we ran out of MonaVie and were celebrating an all candy holiday, at the same time!

Adelaine had a few mis-haps. Here she is stuck on the wall.


Sunday, Matt and Katherine took Mason & Bowen to the annual Art Arbor festival at Boyd Hill Nature Park. Matt is a second year med student at USF, and Katherine, his wife, is studying to be an elementary teacher. They volunteered for a program through the Children’s Cancer Center, where 2nd year med students adopt siblings of young cancer patients. We could have participated in the program last year, I just wasn’t ready. Remember, until last year we’d never even had a babysitter! Anyway, we met them a few weeks ago at CCC and they really hit it off, the 4 are a perfect match! The boys had so much fun, they keep asking when their next visit will be! Katherine and Matt are a very special couple, and I have a feeling that we will always be in touch. What a blessing!!