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from Kate’s blog:

149 December 21, 2007 at 10:37 PM EST
Kate is out of surgery!

Today’s surgery lasted 12.5 hours.

She is currently in pediatric intensive care unit.

She came out of the surgery demanding water and leche (milk).

We’re happy to announce that she is grumpy, thirsty, is talking up a storm and being totally Kate.

Basi will stay with Kate tonight in PICU, but it’s going to be a very rough night for the both of them. I’m not sure where I will stay tonight…I’m working on that right now. If Basi doesn’t get a bed/chair, she’s going to have one terrible night in the PICU.

Tomorrow they will check her endocrine functions, her vision, and much more.

If she appears to be stable, they will move her out of the PICU to a regular room in the hospital.

There is so much more to tell, but I’ll let Basi share that news with you all tomorrow. Everyone is tired right now.

Once again, thanks for the prayers for Kate. She’s far from being out of the woods, so she still needs all the prayers she can get.
–Mark (Kate’s dad)

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From Kate’s Blog

147 December 21, 2007 at 05:05 PM EST

Kate’s condition continues to remain stable.

The surgical team states that she is doing very well and that she is “steady as a rock.”

The surgery is expected to continue for another six hours.

This is the most tedious part of the surgery for the surgical team and they are progressing with extreme caution.
Thank you for your continued prayers for Kate and for the surgical team.

–Mark (Kate’s dad)

Please keep praying and visit Kate’s page for updates.

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Please pray for Kate Pekins. Today she is undergoing an 8-10 hour surgery on her brain tumor. Please go to her site and post a message of prayer and support for her family right now. That is probably the best gift you can do for a cancer family, show them your love and support in their time of need. … x1=default If you do not have a care pages login, create one. Kate’s page is: sugarkate

Dear God, please heal Kate and make her cancer free today.


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I made a mathematical error.
Brad does not make 20 times what I do.
He actually makes more than 200 times what I do…
And then then there is Underarmour, Easton, Oakley,…

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Guess who adopted the kids for Christmas!

That’s right, were cool, Brad Richards bought way too many presents for Mason, Bowen & Adelaine.


Yes, Brad does look better with my family than I do, but I have started working out again. As for the sense of style…uh Brad even matches better… At least I am 6 years younger and make more than 20 times the money he does annually… wait a second, that describes Brad… arrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh


I have the most beautiful ladies in the world living in my house!

Guess who had the best time?

One hint…

He is the biggest Brad Richards fan in the world, possibly in the universe…

Give up?




P.S. WATCH OUT BOWEN! It’s Andre Roy! His fist is as big as your head!


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