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Werewolves Beware!

When Doug came home fron wook tonight, he said he could smell the garlic from the driveway!!!!!!!

WE’ve started our new plight against Adelaine’s reoccuring dinus infection, after a lenghtly shopping spree at the health food store today! Here is the post that Lisa sent about sinus infections and what we might want to try for them (she said I could share)…


I was just about to sit down and email you as I saw you were in the hospital. So glad you are home! Things are crazy here getting ready for the big day!

There are several things you could try to help with her sinus infection.

I would recommend doing the eccenacia orally in juice and any other immune boosting herbs internally will help build her immune system.

Garlic in nature’s MOST powerful “antibiotic” there have been tests done that it killed even resistant bacteria that antibiotics couldn’t kill. Anyway, if you can get her to take it orally it would help too. It isn’t easy though, because the best way is to chop it fresh and take it that way as the effective ingredient looses it’s potency after 10 min of being chopped. I have chopped it really fine and covered it in tons of raw honey to get the kids to take it, and still they gag. The next best thing would be some good quality garlic pills from the Health food store. Can she swallow pills yet?

Another great garlic remedy is GOOT — 3T each of coconut oil, chopped garlic and olive oil. Melt the coconut oil then take off the heat, add garlic and olive oil, whiz with a blender then strain with cheese cloth. Put in the fridge just till hardened a bit. Apply to soles of feet (gets into blood stream fast that way) Can also use on the chest and back. She will smell like an Italian restaurant, but it is pretty effective. It is good for 2 weeks is kept in the fridge, then make a new batch.

Garlic oil in the ears would also help the sinus as they are all connected. I have had 100% success with curing ear infections with this. It is best to make it fresh every time, but I have cheated and saved it for a day or so. Just chop a clove of garlic and a T of olive oil, warm slightly and put a few drops in the ears. I have them lay in my lap for awhile so it can sit right on the ear drum and soak in. I also usually rinse with peroxide first to get out any wax build up. I just put it in their ear and let it bubble up (they say it tickles) and then have them roll over to drain it out. My Dr. even told me to do this. (though I don’t go to him anymore as he is very antibiotic happy).

I know you know that keeping her sinuses clear is tough, I am ALWAYS telling my sinus challenged kids to BLOW THEIR NOSE!!

A good decongestant, I have found is eucalyptus oil. I got it at the HFS and I just take a washcloth and put a dropperful on it and let them sniff it. They can keep it in a pocket to sniff throughout the day. At night I put some on their pillow (where they won’t rub it in their face) so they breathe it in. I have also put it in the vaporizer.

Know that I am praying for her and for you! I hope some of this helps, these are things that I use on a regular basis with very good results.

I just thought of something…does she suffer from seasonal allergies? I ask because some people who are sensitive to pollens may be allergic to eccenacia as it is a flower. It may not be the cause, but you might want to think about that. My brother in law has TERRIBLE seasonal allergies, and I don’t think he can take eccenacia. (I know I’m not spelling that right!)

Love to you all!


Here are also some links she sent that we researched… … on-garlic/ … 728.0.html … 801.0.html

Here is what we’ve learned and have decided to do…

First, we’ve concocted a new nasal spray that we’ve begun to use daily for the boys and Adelaine. We’ve decided to go with the X-Clear. It’s easy to make at home and less expensive than purchasing it all ready made. Here’s how to make it…

1 cup purified water
1/4 t. Sea Salt
2 1/2 t. Xylitol
4 drops Grapefruit Extract

We just stired it all together and emptied out new bottles of nasal saline and filled the bottles with the solution. We knew that the natural sea salt had great benefits from all the minerals and we have already been using the grapefruit extract in out smoothies, but we have really been missing out on the benefits of xylitol. Apparently it inhibits bacteria from multiplying and can stop an asthma attack dead in it’s tracks.

Next we started using GOOT (Garlic Oil Ointment treatment)

Again, we make this at home and slather it on their feet while they are in bed sleeping! I had actually heard of GOOT before and was planning to research it more, Lisa got it all jump started for us!

Here’s more about GOOT…

A Formula That Will Produce Miracles
Anti-infective/Anti-fungal/Anti-parasites Warm three tablespoons of Coconut oil over stove until melted and add three tablespoons of olive oil. Remove from heat and add three tablespoons of fresh chopped garlic. Blend at slow speed, then at high speed for two minutes. Use a blender or coffee grinder. Pour mixture through a screen to remove chunks of garlic that the blender may have missed. Pour into a wide mouth jar and label it “GOOT.” Place in a refrigerator.

GOOT turns into a thick soft paste after one hour. GOOT, rubbed into the skin, transfers raw garlic oil directly into the blood stream. Apply on the feet of children or infants to fight infections. Rub on chest for chest colds, pneumonia or rub into nostrils for sinus infections. Apply directly to sores inside the mouth. Rub on Athlete’s foot or genital area for jock itch. Insert GOOT into vagina or rectum for yeast or other related infections. Apply on rashes any place. Place on cotton swab for ear infections. GOOT kills Candida, parasites, bad bacteria and virus by direct application. In addition, it treats systemic infections by absorption through the skin into the blood supply and travels throughout the body. After two weeks, make a new batch of GOOT.

We had stopped giving Adelaine the fresh pressed flax seed oil because of the expense, but have now started giving it to her again. The health benefits just make sense.

Flax Fights Cancer
Flaxseed is high in lignans, up to 800 times the amount as in any tested plant food. Lignans (a phytoestrogen) have been called by H. Adlercreutz (in his article “Phytoestrogens: Epidemiology and a Possible Role in Cancer Protection”), natural cancer-protective compounds. Flax seed is also high in alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which has been found to be promising as a cancer fighting agent. The American National Cancer Institute has singled out flaxseed as one of six foods that deserve special study. Flax seed’s high fiber aspect is also beneficial in the fight against colon cancer. Epidemiological studies note that diet plays a major role in the incidence of colon cancer. Research has shown that increasing the amount of fiber in your diet reduces your colon-cancer risk. Flax seed, high in fiber, lignans, alpha linolenic acid, is a key player in the fight against cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer.

Flax and the Immune System
Across the table, your co-worker sneezes, no tissue in sight, you feel a light spray hit your face and shudder. Standing in a crowded elevator, in a busy mall, or in an airplane, you sometimes feel like you can’t escape getting at least one or two colds each year…or can you? Research has found that eating flax daily favorably affects immunity, the body’s ability to defend itself successfully against bacteria and viruses. Two components of flax, lignans and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), have been found to affect immune cells and compounds that control immune reaction. This site is worth looking at Flax is great for so much like constipation to high colesterol!

We also purchased Oreganol. There must be gold in each bottle as it is quite expensive, but a little goes a long way. Here is what we’ve found about it. The best brand to get is Norht American Herb and spice. Adelaine should get 1 or 2 drops in her juice and 2 to 3 drops on her feet. Here is some information about oreganol…

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Sunday morning, our nurse came in and announced that Adelaine was scheduled for a CT scan of her sinuses. As much as I don’t want Adelaine to glow in the dark after treatment, I knew in my heart that it was necessary. Unfortunately my instincts were correct in that she did have another sinus infection. What does that mean? Another 21 days of antibiotics and several more visits to the ENT. If we can just make it 4 more months until she stops getting chemo, I think that she will be fine. In the mean time I’ve emailed Lisa, Doug’s cousin for some tips to help rid her infection for good. She had some wonderful suggestions which we are researching and putting together. Lisa has been an invaluable contact throughout all this. One more blessing that has come from all this is that she and I have gotten to know one another, via internet. I feel very understood, loved and supported by her. She is awesome – I love you Lisa. Thank you for all you’ve done for us!

Well, after the CT scan, the oncologists said we could either stay one more day and try to get in to see the ENT, or we could go home on antibiotics and call for an appointment. When Adelaine found out that going home was an option, then staying was NO longer an option!!!! As we packed our bags, Adelaine became one very happy, excited little girl. Although we had wonderful nurses and we ate like there would be no scales again – EVER, plus snuggled in bed together, made lots of Play Dough snakes, and watch Barbie Princess movies, she still just wanted to go home. I must say the oncology floor has changed so much from when we were there last year, a big change for the better! The nurses seemed happy and cheerful. The new air beds at the hospital are cozy and delightful. I haven’t slept so well in a long time. Not just because the beds are so comphy, and Friday night we were up until 7am, but because I hadn’t had the opportunity to stay in bed and sleep all day long in quite a while!

Packing our bags on Sunday meant that we’d get to be home to celebrate Mother’s Day! That afternoon, I opened cards and gifts from the family. Mason and Bowen made special gifts at school. They made me cry, they were so sweet! Bowen wrote his first love letter and it was written to me!!!! They both made crafts that I am planning to have framed. Adelaine made a heart from the CCC that will forever hang on the wall. Doug made me dinner, it was amazing! Last but not least, I finally got a new cell phone. My old one and I have been through a lot together. I must have dropped it about a billion times. Last winter I dropped it in a clients yard and her yard people found it AFTER IT SAT UNDER THE IRRIGATION SYSTEM SOAKING UP WATER FOR SEVERAL HOURS! It took about a week to dry out, but then it kept right on working. Finally about a month ago I dropped it and that was about it. I could make calls and answer calls, but couldn’t read the screen. If I opened and shut it a few hundred times I could get it to work, but mostly not! So now I have been online at “Blackberry school” trying to learn how to use this new one. Doug says I can replace my day timer and organize every aspect of my life with the new phone. Today I answered a call, so I guess that’s progress!!!!!


PS Could any one tell that I didn’t have the luxury of spell check for the post at the hospital?!!! I wonder if they teach how to do that at Blackberry school too?

PSS Doug, my man, did fix the AC Saturday morning. (Otherwise I think we would have opted to stay at the Hospital until Monday, or possibly the end of summer)!!!!

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Last night we finally broke down to turn on our AC for the first time this year. I can deal with 89 degree weather during the day as long as it cools down in the evening. Well it now seems even hotter after the sun goes down than it does during the heat of the day, which means only one thing- hello AC!!!! Guess what? I closed all the windows and switched it on, but we just got this strange hum form the unit and it blew out warm air. It was miserable hot. Doug is hopefully fixing it now!

It was about 3 am when I heard Adelaine crying to Doug. My first thought was she must have fallen out of her bed. But instead I found her and Doug in the bathroom with the garbage can under her little chin. She felt hot, really hot and was throwing up. If I would have taken everyone’s temp, I’m sure we’d all been at least 100, but she was different more like a 120!!!!

So here we are at All Children’s Hospital. We stayed in the ER’s private room until 7 am because they were short staffed on the Oncology floor. Finally we moved up and were able to get some sleep. It was a miserable night to say the least. First we were burning up at home and then we froze in the ER! If she didn’t have pneumonia before, she probably will have it soon (just kidding, hope not)! Adelaine has had a cough for several weeks now, so I’m assuming that she has a sinus infection again. They’ve pulled her blood and we should get the results on day three and will hopefully get to go home.

Adelaine is having a very hard time being here. This is not a part of the normal routine for her (thankfully), so she really misses being at home and is feeling very home sick. It feels very strange to be here for me too, honestly. All the sudden other people seem to be in charge of my daughter, and make decisions for her. I can’t wait to be done with all this, it makes me feel a bit anxious. Adelaine says over and over that she misses her daddy, and her guys, and of course her Daisy and she really wants to go home. Her fever is still high and she definitely doesn’t feel well. She is very disappointed that we had to cancel our Fort Desoto plans at the beach for Mother’s Day! I can’t wait to bring my baby home so she can live her normal little girl life again!

Please pray that her cough goes away for good this time and we make it through the next 4 months without another stay here. And, that this will be the very last time she will ever be on the any oncology floor again in her long-healthy lifetime!!!

Much love,


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Maya and Adelaine

Adelaine had a wonderful time at the Disney Princess on Ice with Maya last week. She went dresses as Sleeping Beauty! I took Mason and Bowen as well because for every princess there was a prince! It was an amazing performance, and we had GREAT seats. I just watched Adelaine as she and Maya watched the show. It felt so good to see her so captivated by the princesses and know that she was fully enjoying herself. The boys seemed equally as captivated by it, after all there were dragons and villains along with those handsome rescuers. I certainly want our boys to grow up to be handsome princes themselves!!!!!

On our way to the performance, Adelaine and Maya had very interesting chit chat in the back seat. I was just a listening in on those two. Then all the sudden I heard Adelaine say to Maya,

“I don’t really go to school, but I go to Pretend School (The Children’s Cancer Center), all my friends there are passing away, and one day when you pass away you’ll get to meet them”!

I could not believe what I was hearing. She said it so nonchalantly like she was talking about the weather or something. Then she just kept on chattering about other things.

Adelaine has been very concerned about Peyton that she might pass away too. She is feeling much relieved that Peyton has made it through the pneumonia and lip funk and is home again, although they still have not gotten to see each other since she got sick.

Unfortunately the conversation with Maya took place before our five year old friend from CCC, Sierra, past away. She had just recently relapsed ALL Leukemia and was in the hospital. Although she has relapsed, the doctors felt that the outcome would still be good. She had only finished her treatment a few days before the relapse. She suddenly stopped breathing and was put on a ventilator. Tests showed that she had gotten a fungus in her lungs, Aspergillus. Please pray for Sierra’s family. Tonight we are going to the Center to make cancer ribbons to pass out at the service tomorrow. We always make the ribbons with the child’s favorite color in it. Making ribbons is what we do for each child that passes. It seems to be very therapeutic to all of us to make them. It is very sad and unnatural to say good bye to a child whose life has been cut short and filled with sickness and suffering from this dreadful disease. Words can not describe the overwhelming sadness and grief we are all feeling, much less Sierra’s family and how this will affect their lives daily for the rest of their journey on earth.

Aspergillus is the same fungus that Matthew had gotten in his sinuses before he passed away. I had never even heard of Aspergillus until then, but now it seems to be a common part of our vocabulary. Liem is another little boy that has it, he and Adelaine did their Princess and Pirate fundraiser together last year. This stuff is very serious and can be fatal to those who are immune compromised, although Liem seems to be alright and apparently is not contagious. His mom says that once you have this stuff, it never really goes away. Some of the parents are really freaked out, as I guess we all should be. After researching it, apparently it is common to get it from hospitals that are under heavy construction, such as St. Joe’s in Tampa, where Matthew and Sierra were. We also have another little friend at St. Joes who is battling it as well. She has been on a ventilator for weeks and weeks. Her name is Kaylie, her My Space is , please pray for her and her family as well.

As for Adelaine, her congested cough is back with a vengeance, but she seems to be feeling well. She has been discovering more of her toys lately. She has great things in her room to play with, but has never really been too interested until now. She’s really good at making gigantic messes and is slowly learning that SHE has to clean them up!!! It’s like WOW, all of the sudden I know what it’s like to have to clean up after three children. Believe me it feels GREAT!!!!!! I love it when Adelaine plays and feels like a normal healthy child.

We have a little over four months left until we are off treatment! We can’t wait!!!! Apparently it will take 6 to 9 months for her immune system to be back to normal because the chemo takes a long time to leave her system. We have continued doing research about how to fight cancer naturally. We have just learned about the Gerson Institute, which offers alternative cancer treatment. Apparently they have a huge treatment center located in Mexico. People go there with stage 4 cancer and the outcome is remarkable. It is HUGELY successful, like 95%, the problem is that it is extraordinarily expensive! However, they have clinics set up all over the U.S. with trained doctors that practice their same methods. Check out the website at . It is all natural and extremely healthy. If you don’t want cancer, it’s a great way to prevent it also. We are also researching this book I discovered during some research here is the link for it .

Thanks for joining us as Adelaine kicks cancer’s hinny!!!! Yesterday in the car Adelaine asks if she can, “call Satin a Dum Dum?” I gave her the go ahead, I could have thought of a lot worse things to call him! But I look at her now and say, “In your face, Satin”!

God is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My Turn

I realize Angela has done most of the blogs on the website and she has definitely done a great job. I plan on being more involved form here going forward so you will have to put up with me now also. If I can be half as fun as Angela, I think I will be doing a great job.

Well, for those of you in the northern part of the country welcome to our weather. We have been enjoying 80 degree weather for 2 months now and you had your first day today. The only thing I miss about snow is the beauty of the fresh fallen, I can see that on TV and after about 2 seconds my bones shake from the inside out. This journey we have been on since July really stinks, but we hang on to the fact that God is preparing us for something amazing. We know that because he has broken us down to basement of our beings and has been rebuilding us in an even stronger fashion.

Adelaine is amazing. At night she always tells me that she is afraid of the dark and that she needs someone to sleep in her bed. Afraid of the dark? Doesn’t she realize she is a Cancer Survivor? The sun will come up in a couple hours, while the treatments will continue for another 18 months. She is so tough. Needles poked into her chest pump enough poison into her body to kill cancer while just on the edge of killing her when she goes to the hospital. A cold can kill her, but she wants to sleep with the bathroom light on. Doesn’t she realize the enormity of the situation? No. She is 3. All she knows is that she is a little girl that loves to wear high heels and pick the flowers off the tops of the weeds in the yard.

What do you and I really have to worry about. If I died and went to Heaven today, I would have lived quite a full life to this point and seen innumerable amazing things across this great country of ours. She is 3. She has been to Disney World and Busch Gardens. She has been out of the Tampa Bay area to only a handful of times. She did Spend 1 night in Texas, but other than that, she has not been out of the South East.

Adelaine loves her “guys” and the beach. She loves animals (stuffed and real), her mommy and daddy and most of all Jesus. Please pray that she will also have the chance to love school and the Nunnery (you think that after her beating Cancer we would let her date?). Please pray as she does “that she will never ever ever have cancer again!”

Thank you for reading her blog today, we do hope you will check back often.


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