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2 more

2 more treatments!!! Oh, this has been a long road. Our baby has grown into a beautiful little girl while going through this rough road. She is such a little angel. Angela showed me a picture of when she was 4 this weekend at her parent’s house. She looks just like Angela did at that age, so we are going to definitely be in trouble when she is a teenager. Mama is HOT!!!

I am working on being hot again. OK. For the first time. I am revamping my entire life and I am riding my bike for an hour every morning. I also started The Master Cleanse last Thursday. I only consume a drink consisting of fresh squeezed organic lemons, organic grade b maple syrup, a dash of cayenne pepper, and filtered water. It sounds weird, but I am not hungry. The last thing I ate was a piece of pizza last Wednesday night! I have had some weird cravings (pot roast, bacon cheeseburgers, etc) and been hungry only a handful of times.

My energy level has been high, in fact I worked out last night for 2 hours last night and folded a couple loads of laundry and could only sleep 2 hours. The digestive system burns a lot of energy and can make you tired. Mine is shut down at this point and thus I do not require nearly as much sleep. Still trying to get used to that.

Just got off the phone with Angela. She may stay another week at her parents. It is good for her, she gets lots of help there. Bad for me, I miss my family. I don’t even have daisy now, she is running around outdoors in South Georgia. Adelaine is having fun playing outside with the neighbor girl.

Adelaine’s next treatment is August 8th. Angela is working on getting an Angel flight from there to West Palm.


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its late

I missed all of them so much I drove to Albany just to see them Saturday morning. Got up at 5am i was so excited. Talked to Angela for more than we have talked in years. I love her so much. I feel like I did when we first started dating. Anxious to see her again. Anxious to hold her hand. Time is gong to go slow this week I have a feeling.
We all went to church and had a great time. Sunday was Fred’s birthday and Monday is Freda’s birthday. Born one day apart, but Fred looks much older. =)
The kids are doing great. I took daisy to them and Adelaine takes her out for walks every hour. Never been able to do that before. They are soooooooo cute.
Gotta go. Just got home and trying to decompress so I can get a couple hours sleep before work. I had actually planned on leaving Saturday afternoon to come back. I’m glad that didn’t work out.
They should be back this next weekend. That will not be soon enough!

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July Post

Well I’m on Mancation again. I was supposed to go to Neebish Islands in the upper Peninsula of Michigan last week with the family. I have a few big projects I am working on and 8 days of vacation was not a reality. Mom and Aunt Anita grew up a few hours away in Watersmeet, MI. Grandpa was a game warden and ran a fish hatchery. I actually found a picture of him online a few weeks ago. Check it out:

Great Grandpa Hugo at the Fish Hatchery

While pulling it up, I found my Aunt Rita’s headstone. Click here, She died when she was 3. She choked on a button. You never know what can happen. Now go hug your loved ones.

I did catch a couple days in the panhandle for the week long cancer camp there, but was not be able to stay the entire time. The first day the boys were in the gulf and the waves were kicking up from what turned out to be Hurricane Dolly. Today the waves were 5-8 feet. When they headed out of the water Bowne started screaming that something was biting him. 2 minutes later mason is grabbing his own butt yelling the same thing. It turns out the purple flag at the beach means the jellyfish are in and both boys got stung. Mom to the rescue with some vinegar hugs and kisses. A couple other kids had the same thing happen, so the pool at the house they are staying at will be the swimming area of choice. Luckily I was holding Adelaine in the water at the time. She really wanted to be in the waves with them, but I couldn’t get her earplugs right. The area they are staying, Gulf Trace, is the beach that the church we met at held Singles Retreats at. It is actually the beach where I asked Angela out on our first date. Mason asked if I was nervous, and Angela jumped in and said that it went so bad she almost said “No”. Yes, there are many days she wishes she said no, but not me. While I may be a bear many days, I love her more than air.
Next week, they are spending at Angela’s parents house which can be a lot like camp. BB guns, wild animals, Chuck the chipmunk, tractor rides and much more.

Adelaine is doing great. A slight nasal thing AGAIN, but other than that great. Our oncologist told me that if we post anything about them again, we would receive a 30 day letter of termination as patients. Therefore we did what we probably should have done years ago and we switched. Not to St Joseph’s (which the Dr. actually threatened to send us to), they are having their own issues at that hospital. No, we switched to an oncologist in West Palm. So instead of traveling 4 minutes to the clinic, we now have a 4 hour trip to see the Dr! We are much happier and treatment is near the end anyway.

Ok. On to the other cool stuff. We had a lunch cruise with Brad Richards a couple weeks ago. Brad is awesome. He now plays for the Dallas Stars and just missed going to the Stanley Cup Finals when they lost to the Champion Detroit Red Wings. Brad was pretty banged up this season. Hockey teams don’t have to disclose injuries like the NFL teams do, so many people didn’t realize all the injuries he had. I spent about a half hour catching up with Brad on the cruise and he is summering in his hometown in Prince Edward Island as usual and doing rehab there to get back to 100%.


Another cancer dad from The Children’s Cancer Center, Leo Astacio, represents baseball players. His biggest client plays for my favorite team. That’s right he is Alfonso Soriano’s agent! He scored at least 50 tickets for the Wednesday game when the Cubs were in town to play the Rays for the first time EVER!!! The tickets were great, the atmosphere playoff like (the Cubs are the top team in the National League and the Rays are the top team in the American League), surrounded by good friends and the game came down to the last batter. Alas, the cubs lost, but the Rays are our second favorite team. We are hoping they meet again the World Series. Everyone keep their fingers crossed. Thanks Leo and Laurie! We had an awesome time.


Well I have to go. Daisy wants to play. Boy she can be annoying when you are trying to take a nap. UMMMMMMMMM, nap. Don’t get many of those when everyone is home. Although, I would trade every nap for time with my wife and our babies. I realize everyday they are away, how much they mean to me and how much I love seeing them every second when they are home. I sometimes take them for granted, especially Angela. I have been taking her for granted a lot lately. Never again. I miss you Adelaine. I miss you Mason. I miss you Bowen. I miss you most of all Angela. You are my best friend, my soulmate, my dreamgirl. I will see you soon.

This quiet empty house is deafening.


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