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Brad Richards fractured his wrist last night and looks like he will be out for 6 weeks. That could mean the rest of the season.

The wrist is so frequently used in hockey. In fact the two types of shots are called a slap shot or a wrister. Please pray for complete healing with no complications or loss of mobility in his wrist.

Brad has done so much for cancer kids that he definitely deserves our prayers.

Brad Richards adopted our kids for Christmas 2007

Brad Richards adopted our kids for Christmas 2007

I have lost over 50 pounds since that picture…


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Daisy the Dentist

Mason has a loose tooth. We did what every good parent does and we tied his tooth to the dog.

We knew you would appreciate this video.

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An Episode of 24!

Unlike Jack Bauer from “24” (one of our favorite TV shows), we feel battered, bruised and literally exhausted after our big day. On the flip side, Doug jumpstarted his diet and I managed to loose 5 pounds, yes all in the past 24 hours!…

We hade a little scare. No wait, a BIG scare. A Very big scare. Here we were hopping and skipping through life. Introducing Anika to our world of Disney Princesses and Play Dough (all of which she had never encountered before) when suddenly, BAM Adelaine got sick. It wasn’t that she just got sick. She started showing signs, symptoms like she had when she was first diagnosed with Leukemia. It was during the evening on Sunday, just after a very magical birthday party at “Give Kids the World” with Anika. Adelaine had been sick with a mild cold right along with the rest of us. BUT, her neck glands had swollen up and her neck resembled the neck of a Super Bowl football player’s. Not to mention the bruises all over her legs.

All day Sunday Adelaine kept saying that her neck hurt, but I was assuming she meant her throat. After all, my throat was hurting, so I just gave her some Tylenol and put the girls down for a nap. Well when they woke up, I noticed Adelaine’s swollen neck and began to feel her glands. My heart literally sank as visions of cancer repeat began to swirl in my head. Doug and I decided to let her have a great night’s sleep in our bed before we began a possible hellish walk back down cancer lane.

Although Adelaine slept like a baby, Doug and I did not! We barely slept. The sleep I did manage to get was laced with nightmares. I dreamed that I had cancer and was trying to figure a way to make it at least a few more years so that the children wouldn’t have to grow up without a mother. Then I dreamt that my mother died of cancer. Strangely I didn’t dream that ADELAINE had cancer. Finally the sun came up and we were able to make arrangements…

Our Pediatrician was not so quick to tell us that it wasn’t cancer, unlike last time!!! (Before Adelaine was actually diagnosed with cancer in July 2006, she had been sick with a cold and I noticed very swollen glands in her neck. It felt like Skittles under her skin behind her ears. I rushed her to the Pediatrician and asked, “Do you think she has cancer?” I’m not sure why I asked. I had no ideal that swollen glands could even mean, “cancer”! But I asked the question and he reassured me that it wasn’t cancer. Well, we all know how that turned out!) So needless to say this time he did not reassure of us of anything. In fact he tried to help us prepare for the worst.

After Adelaine’s had her blood taken we had to wait about four hours for the phone call with the results. Doug and I took the girls grocery shopping (the boys were at school). During our shopping excursion I was back in cancer mode. I would see mothers pushing their daughters in the cart and think to myself, “It just isn’t fair that Adelaine has to go through this. Why can’t she just have a normal, healthy life like everyone else? It just isn’t right all the suffering she has had to go through, and so on ….” I was in a very depressed funk and frankly a complete wreck have to think about cancer all over again.

Long story short, he called us with her blood test results which proved that she did NOT have any leukemia cells in her blood. We are so relieved. But the fact still stands that her neck is extremely swollen. Her glands have bumps and knots around her jaw and on the back of her neck too. She has a slight cough, but feels great! We are just watching and waiting for her glands to return to normal. At this time the doctor feels it must just be a virus. We would be so grateful if everyone would pray that her gland go back down to normal with no further incident.

As for Doug and me, we are praising God and recuperating from the drama. Today is a glorious day. Not only is Adelaine enjoying a normal happy day at school, (Well today IS the Princess and Pirate party at school, so I guess better than normal. Can anyone guess which one Adelaine chose to dress up as?) The weather should be around 80 degrees and we plan to spend the afternoon enjoying the sunshine riding bikes and playing on the playground, just like little children should! We are so thankful that today we are not facing another battle with cancer. Unfortunately, many of our friends are facing this battle, some for a repeated time. Please pray for those families. If you and your loved ones have your health, Praise God for that. Our health is such a blessing and a wonderful gift.

So far this has been our second relapse scare. Sometimes when Adelaine gets sick and she begins to show those all too familiar signs, like her lips look pale or something, I get this little shock of fear. It feels like I get zapped with electricity and my whole body stings, but then I snap out of it. But a real scare isn’t that easy. Did I handle this scare any better than the last one? No, I did not! When these relapse scares do creep up, Doug and I realize that this is part of our new “normal”. These “scares” are going to be part of our lives now. They will never really go away, but hopefully they won’t come up that often. One good thing that comes from them is that today will not just be another GREAT day in paradise (AKA South Florida), but a GLORIOUS day in paradise!!! We have so much to be thankful for!


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Relapse is probably the second worse word behind cancer. It may actually be the worst, depending on the situation. Anytime your child is sick with a simple cold, the deep dark recesses start murmuring inside you. Throw in swollen tender lymph nodes on the neck and wow, nail biting time. Well it was time to bite the nails last night.

Adelaine has had a cough for a couple days, just like the other 3 kids in the house. Yesterday, the lymph nodes on her neck were swollen and hurt when she turns her head.

Now, swollen lymph nodes on your neck are most likely due to a cold or virus in your head. That is what she has had last week a cold yucky nose thing.

A second set of swollen lymph nodes in the armpit or the inner thigh pubic area are bad indicators. I have checked the armpits several times tonight while Angela has checked the other area.

She also has a low grade fever, common to the cold or a virus. is a fantastic resource to either scare you or comfort you depending on how you read the article.

We were pretty sure it was nothing, but we prayed all night for the nodes to go away and to actually be nothing at all. Sleepless night to say the least.

Off to Dr Kargas after the boys went to school. He told us it could be bad or good and referred us to the lab to get a CBC done. I forgot to promise him that if he got a machine, we wold promised to have a test done at least once a month. We would be willing to setup a standing appointment.

After the long wait amongst the mostly skervy people waiting for employment drug tests for well over an hour we definitely would agree to at least monthly CBC’s in his office maybe even weekly if we never have to go to that clinic again.

They called us back after 45 minutes and someone complained because we were going ahead of them, so they sent us back out.

Another 20 minutes later the technician pulled out 2 full tubes and a full size needle. We objected and he said they have to do it that way so the blood wouldnt be clotted like a finger prick. I told him that we have had hundreds of finger pricks done and he insisted.

When Adelaine saw the needle, she freaked out. It took both Angela and I to hold her still. he put the giant needle in and missed her vein. He started trying to move it around and I was about to seriously knock him out. I think his spidey senses kicked in because he quickly pulled the needle out and walked away to get a finger prick kit.

Sis was completely hysterical already though and the finger prick didnt go well. She never has done that great with “sticky prikeys” anyway.

3 hours later Dr Kargas called and asked Angela if this was the hardest phone call she ever had to wait for. We have a great relationship with our Pediatrician. he is an awesome guy. We were one of his first patients and his first and only cancer diagnosis. He has had a brain tumor diagnosis patient, who happens to be Taylor Brightbill from our soccer league. When we were speaking to Taylor’s mother Patty at the Childrens Cancer Center we discovered we both had the same pediatrician.

Then Dr Kargas let Angela know that Adelaine’s blood counts all came back normal so everything looks good now. Whew!!!

She called me as the boys and I were on a 9 mile bike ride. We rode to the top of the Dick Misener Bridge and back. The top of the Dick Misener bridge is 90 feet high!

Dick Misener bridge

Dick Misener bridge

Anika is doing great. We actually went to Give Kids the World Saturday to celebrate her birthday.

Well time to go tell the boys a bedtime story. Saturday I started a series of stories about my adventures in life and all the fun and exciting things that I have done.

I think the ride down the bridge will be one of their fun and exciting things they tell their kids.


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