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Tonight the girls got their nails painted, “Princess Pink Sparkle” color; in effort to look their most beautifulest because we have a fun day planned meeting some friends for lunch at the mall. Then it happened… Anika looked up at us and popped the big question…

“Little Mom, the mall?” “What’s the mall”?

Adelaine and I both said at the same time, “You’ve never been to the mall”? Our eyes dazzled as we explained all the fun in store at the International Plaza in Tampa. Thanks to our experience at Give Kids the World, Anika does know what a carousel is. And she literally squalled with delight when Adelaine told her that the mall has a carousel, and even better one because it is two stories tall!!!

Sharing our world with Anika has been the most fun and most fulfilling and enjoyable experience of my life. People always talk about how lucky she is to have us, but honestly, were the lucky ones!

For months and months I clung to one daughter that could not really enjoy all that life has to offer. It felt like such a struggle just to keep Adelaine alive. Now God has blessed us with two daughters, full-throttle girly princess daughters and I am loving every minute of it. God is awesome!!!

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At long last…

My computer crashed a few weeks ago. Yea I know that’s like my third one! It feels so good to have a computer again. So what’s been going on? Well things have been great here except for that Florida flu epidemic! First Bowen got it, then Doug, then Anika came down with it, then I got it, and finally Masson had it. We are now all finally over it. Did you notice whose name was left out? That’s right, amazingly Adelaine did not get the flu! I’m sure if you drove by our house flu vapors from our couching, sneezing and aching would have been oozing through the window seals and hovering over the roof, but Adelaine has remained healthy. I guess her immune system is very much in check. Her swollen lymph nodes have all gone back to normal, and she seems perfectly healthy, which is more than I can say for the rest of the family!!!

Anika is doing fantastic. She has been here for four weeks and three days now and every one has adjusting quite well. We’ve decided not to put here in school this year, but are allowing some much needed mommy- daughter time. She is everything I’d ever hoped for and more. The social worker feels that the adoption should definitely be finalized by Mother’s Day. I can’t think of a better gift! I will post more soon, but were off to Tae Kwon Do for now!


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