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Anika and Mason enjoy spicy food. I put a few jalapeno slices in their salad the other night.

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The boys have talked about doing an internet show for awhile. They wrote and starred in their first episode.

Here is the Plot:

Web Hatchlings for Hire: Episode 1 – Garage Sale Sign

In this episode Shoe and Sausage get a call to help hang a garage sale sign. Sausage is sleeping, as usual, in the cooler. Shoe wakes Sausage up in the middle of a bad dream.
Once Shoe explains the mission, they hop in the Web Hatchlings wheelbarrow and are off to the far away light pole. Once there they manage to hang the sign, upside down unfortunately, with only a minor injury.

The inspiration for the writers were many of the amazing 1980’s action adventure shows such as:
The Dukes of Hazzard
Magnum P.I.
Simon and Simon
To name a few.

More fun videos are available at

The theme song “Snapshere” was writted and performed by Free Music by

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