I wanted to take some time to post about how things are going with Anika. Today we have officially had Anika for six weeks! When we first got her she would cry for her previous caregivers. When I would put her in time out, she would call out their names and cry, “Where are you”? It broke my heart so much that I would sit outside her door and cry. I know it was a difficult transition for her. I will share much more when I am able, but I can say that we talk to her previous caregivers regularly and see them also. I plan to continue that relationship even after Anika becomes a Powell. Having that relationship continue, I believe has really helped Anika adjust to her new family.

Because Anika had been loved and nurtured and not tossed around from home to home too much, she came to us without any physiological issues. She is outgoing, happy, loving and trusting. Because our children are still so young and impressionable, we didn’t want to bring in a peer that may have negative influences. That’s why we only wanted a child age two or younger. Funny how God’s plan always works out better than our own!

Because I have been praying for and wanting this little girl for 13 years, my attachment and love for her was instant! I look into her eyes and know that she is my little miracle, the girl that I have always wanted. I enjoy telling her how God has brought her to me, that although she grew in someone else’s tummy God’s plan was for me to be her Mommy, that she is my present form God!

She is not just a foster child, she is our child and I love her just as much as my birth children. It would be hard not to love her! Her personality is golden. Yesterday she asked me when my birthday was. She told me that next year I was going to have the best birthday ever, with lots and lots of presents and parts hats… and on and on. She draws pictures for me everyday. The first few weeks every picture was for her previous caregivers. We saved them all up and gave them to them. I can’t tell you how happy I was when she made her first picture for ME!!! Now every picture is for me and we have become her world!

Tomorrow we are going to Anika’s favorite place in the world. It is Mason, Bowen and Adelaine’s favorite place too – Give Kids the World in Orlando! We are celebrating Bowen’s 7th birthday! Tuesday was his actual birthday. I took lunch and cupcakes to school and he and I enjoyed them together. That night was the fashion show. He enjoyed it just as much as we did! In two weeks Adelaine will be turning 5, and Mason will be 9 in April! All the children are growing up. I am so thankful that our four children will all grow up together. For Anika’s adoption, Doug will celebrate with the big “V”, that’s right, no more children. Anika has completed our family!

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