We had a wonderful Easter today! Did we get any pictures? No! We rushed off to church so I planned to take some once we got back home! Big mistake! Bowen spilled tomato soup in his lap, so he rode back home in his underwear! (Shhhh don’t tell him I posted that)! He was loving it too! In fact he suggested that we ALL ride home in our underwear. I had to explain that while it may be alright for children to do it, as grownups we could get arrested (or under-arrested as he likes to say) for such behavior! Adelaine fell asleep in the car during our very scenic beach ride home from church and dinner! She had a massive case of bed head once we arrived back! Mason couldn’t wait to make it out of his Easter clothes. I thought about making everyone look nice again but then decided to just forget it! We all came in and relaxed. So we didn’t get a picture, I can always dress them up this week and fake one, right?

Today at church I enjoyed having our entire family all sitting together. We haven’t been to church since all Adelaine’s sinus infection problems started. We wanted to avoid crowds as much as possible. I hope that now we can get back into our normal Sunday routine again. I know Bowen especially enjoyed the day. He sat in my lap and seemed so happy that our entire family was able to be out together having fun again.

Adelaine had on her Saks dress that was donated to her at the fashion show. (I really am going to post pics soon. I’m hoping to make a video, we’ll see). Anyway, I could see her little port scar. I asked her if she liked having it or if she thought we should get the doctors to make it go away. I know that’s a big decision to put on such a little girl, but I wanted to get her input. She said she wanted it to all be gone away. So I guess I ask about getting a plastic surgeon to sew her up this time. I know that these days they can make it completely gone. I was kind of hoping that she’d say she liked it, but I guess not!

I have so much to talk about so I think this is going to be a big week for posting. Please check back!

One more thing, this Friday Adelaine will be turning 4 years old!!!! You’ll never guess what we have planned for her birthday… My friend Kat and four of her five children, and me and my three, have rented a 15 passenger van and are headed up to Georgia to go camping at Twin Lakes for the weekend! (Kat’s husband often describes us as Thelma and Louise)! Their two boys are Devon and Justin and they are almost the exact same age as Mason and Bowen. They also have Sesly who’s five and Misty who’s three, plus a five month old sweet pea of a foster baby, Mary! Adelaine plays very well with their girls. Sesly is just finishing up treatment for All Leukemia!!! Six more months and we will be there too. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THAT!

So here’s the camp we will be going to http://www.camptwinlakes.org/
There will be swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, boating, tennis and so much more! Yes a Princess and her mother’s birthday dream come true! It’s not exactly spending the evening at Cinderella’s castle, but as girly as we both are, we do enjoy the outdoors! Adelaine loves horses almost as much as she loves Daisy! For the moms there will be message therapists available. That’s really all I needed to know! Each family gets their own cabin. Kat and I will be next door! The cabins look really nice. Our two families are sooo excited especially me and Kat!

Happy Easter!


PS Please keep praying for our little friend Mathew and his family from the CCC, and the challenges he and his family are faced with. They will be taking him home from the hospital this week. As it stands he will NOT be going to C.H.O.P. for a bone marrow transplant as his body is not well enough, and he continues to relapse with Leukemia. His website is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mathewjgliddon

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