Sorry that we havent posted much lately. It has been crazy here the last 2 weeks. The boys are out of school and Angela has been running crazy all over town.

Adelaine is feeling good. She starts steroids next week, so please pray for her health and our sanity as this will mean several feedings a night and a cranky 3 year old.

Please pray for all our friends that are going through treatments right now. Here a few:
Peyton Mayhew is starting radiation June 6th. Please pray that she will have no side effects and that all cancer will definetly be wiped out.
Niki is almost done with her treatments. Please pray for continued good news.
Kate Perkins recently had a trip the University of Iowa hospital for treatment.
My Uncle Dick Cross. He was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. He is a preacher in Michigan, a loving husband, a grandfather, a father and most of all a man that dedicated his entire life to the Lord’s Work. Please pray for relief and God’s miraculous healing of his body.

Unfortunately we have far more friends than this that have cancer right now or are going through cancer treatment right now. If you know someone that is going through treatment, especially if they are newly diagnosed, please do something for them. While it is nice to offer to do something if they ask. Asking for help is the last thing anyone wants to do. Bring them dinner in way that they do not have to worry about returning the dishes. Mow their lawn. Something has to give when you spend days at the hospital, keeping up with the yard is a distant thought. Take the siblings on a play date. Often times the other children feel left out. You can make their month.

Now these are not things we are asking for ourselves. We are actually getting some semblence back in our lives. If you feel compelled to help us with chores, I have some other people you could focus your energy on that could use help more then us.

This weekend, Angela is headed to Jacksonville to spend the weekend with her friend Katherine Partridge. The kids and I are going to camp out at home and party all weekend. We are going to each make our own pizzas, we are all going to help make chocolate chip cookies, and we are going to ride our bikes everyday. Please pray that I will have patience with the kids and that we dont destroy the house so badly that Angela kills me when she gets home.


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