Yesterday afternoon Adelaine was released from the hospital. Her blood work came back negative, meaning that she isn’t going to need monthly blood therapy from donors. Apparently she must have had a virus or something. While she was in the hospital her blood levels continued to drop, leaving her in need of an infusion. After she received blood on Friday her head and eye pain subsided. Apparently severe anemia can cause such symptoms. Now her ANC level is depleted down to 500, we are hoping that by Wednesday they will go up enough to begin chemotherapy again, as the doctor put a hold on them during her hospital stay. Thank you so much for the prayers, they have really worked!

WE HAVE ANOTHER PRAYER REQUEST ABOUT BOWEN. Before when I mentioned Bowen I was rather vague, but things have escalated and I would like to share more so that everyone can pray specifically and possible offer some feedback…

As you all know Bowen is having surgery to have his adenoids removed on Tuesday. He has developed sleep apnea over the past six months or so. (Mason did the same thing when he was Bowen’s age and after his surgery all his problems subsided). Anyway, when Bowen sleeps he snores like an old man, and we know he definitely doesn’t sleep well. In addition, he has some bladder problems, to be more specific, burning and frequent urination. However, the test came back negative for an Urinary Track Infection. He has had several accidents in his car seat, ect., when he falls asleep. We are hoping that this is because he is so sleep deprived that he is sleeping too deeply to wake up.

Even more concerning, he has lost much of his hearing. Two weeks ago we were at the ENT, and he did have some fluid in his ears, but nothing to be concerned about. But, we noticed when we got home yesterday he seriously can’t hear us unless we are practically shouting. We would stand behind him and ask him things like, “Do you want to have chocolate for dinner”, and nothing. Bowen seriously can’t hear and this is so scary for us. Tomorrow I am going to see if the ENT can work us in. We will sit at that office all day if we have too.

Another thing we’ve noticed is that he is having trouble focusing. It’s like he’s in a daze or something. Now this has just started happening the last few days. I hope that when all these things are put together it doesn’t equal something serious. Please pray that this will all be eliminated after his surgery and is all linked to his adenoids. Thanks and God bless!

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