We made it through our colds that Bowen and I had and Adelaine did not get sick! Praise God for that! On Tuesday we went to Adelaine’s visit at the clinic. These visits are very emotionally difficult for her. She does not like getting “sticky prickies”, who does? I explained that today she would not have to have her port accessed, and she processed that information quite well. She did not cry today for the first time at the clinic! This is huge progress for her, especially since she did have to get her finger poked to test her ANC levels. Her counts are low because of the treatment she had done two weeks ago, and because she successfully fought off the colds that Bowen and I had! So, we just have to be extra careful with her until they go back up. Here is some more information regarding Adelaine’s counts and what they really mean…

The “ANC”

The Absolute Nutrophil Count

The absolute neutrophil count (ANC) is a calculation of the total number of white blood cells available to fight off bacterial infections. White blood cells are sensitive to most chemotherapy and the number of white blood cells will start decreasing after Adelaine receives chemotherapy. The ANC will reach its lowest point 7 – 10 days after she receives chemo.

When ANC levels drop below 500, she is at risk for a serious infection. One very important reason for frequent clinical visits are to check ANC levels.

In a normal healthy child Adelaine’s age, the Absolute Nutrophil Count(ANC) should be between 1400 – 6600

Adelaine’s ANC from date of diagnosis to present:
07/01/06 ANC 0
07/02/06 ANC 0
07/07/06 ANC 200
07/11/06 ANC 100
07/17/06 ANC 300
07/24/06 ANC 1200
07/31/06 ANC 5900
08/07/06 ANC 1900
08/22/06 ANC 2800
08/29/06 ANC 2300
09/05/06 ANC 1600
09/19/06 ANC 2300
10/04/06 ANC 1200
10/16/06 ANC 1400
10/19/06 ANC 4500
11/02/06 ANC 4200
11/07/06 ANC 4600
12/05/06 ANC 2000
12/12/06 ANC 1500
12/14/06 ANC 3400
12/19/06 ANC 1300
12/22/06 ANC 600
12/29/06 ANC 1300
01/09/07 ANC 3800
01/23/07 ANC 700
01/31/07 ANC 800

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