We have had many “angels” come into our lives in every different way imaginable, especially since Adelaine was diagnosed. While we would like to recognize everyone, we do not have enough time in the day. Following are 3 angels that have especially touched Adelaine in personal ways that she speaks of them daily. Please do not feel offened if you are not one of the 3. We could not do this if we did not have the support directly from you.

Some say that God brings the right people into your life at just the right time, I agree wholeheartedly. We have had so many kind-hearted people reach out to us. Some we knew, and some we’ve met and gotten to know since her diagnosis, all of which we hold very dear to our hearts. The love and support we’ve received has been overwhelming. There are many angels God has brought into our lives. There are three adults that have really become the apple of Adelaine’s eye. It is an honor to share about these three people that have brought Adelaine so much joy, and have touched our lives in a very special way…

“Miss Ashley”

God brought us “Miss Ashley”, who we met at our church. She is a 19 year old college freshman, and had an instant connection with our three children. On December 1st we had a Christmas party to go to and asked her to baby-sit. Prior to Ashley we only had someone baby-sit our children twice, and that was before Adelaine was even born. The children had so much fun with her that kept asking when she could come back! She played Uno with the boys, and played dress-up with Adelaine, they put together puzzles and had sooo much fun, and afterwards they even cleaned everything up! Wow, freedom we’ve never felt before. We could go out, had someone that we could trust, and not have to feel guilty. I know, I know this supposed to be about Adelaine’s angels…

Ashley is really passionate about Adelaine. She comes over to our house just to visit and play with her. When we’re in the hospital she always comes to visit, sometimes she just sits with her while she sleeps. She sometimes spoils Adelaine and her guys with gifts, and she even wrote her term paper about Adelaine’s leukemia (she got an “A” by the way). The day Adelaine got out of the hospital, Ashley took her to the Build- A-Bear workshop in Tampa for her birthday. To top it all off she insisted on buying Adelaine’s Easter dress for her, complete with all the accessories. Isn’t our Ashley truly angelic? I always tell her we are going to add a room onto our house so she can live with us!

Next is “Miss Dee”
“Miss Dee” came into our lives after Adelaine was diagnosed with Leukemia. She has a company which provides care for the elderly. I had heard about it through a friend, so I called her looking for a job as a part-time evening/ overnight caregiver. She read over my resume and decided that I was perfect for her Administrative Assistant position. I reminded her of our situation and she assured me that Adelaine could tag along to the office which was out of her home, and I would also be able to work from our home too. I have been working for Dee since October and it has been great. She is flexible and understanding, she knows that my life is like I’m running in slow motion! She also makes the most delicious meals and cooks in large quantities and sends some home to her children and to us! She always offers to help out with the boys when Adelaine is in the hospital. She sits with Adelaine at the hospital if I need to take a shower or run an errand. Recently she took the boys to a dinosaur exhibit so I could bring Adelaine home from the hospital and get her settled in! I know, I know this is supposed to be about Adelaine’s angels…

Miss Dee is a wonderful grandma, or “Nanna”, as her grandchildren call her, and has adopted Adelaine as one of her own. She visits Adelaine when she is in the hospital and always calls to check on her. When we’re at Miss Dee’s, she watches movies with Adelaine, plays with her, and they even make chocolate chip cookies together! Adelaine always asks, “When can we go to Miss Dee’s”? When she sees Dee she just lights up, oh and she really loves Miss Dee’s spegetti. I always tell Dee that if she just sends dinner home with us occasionally, I’d work for free!!! But honestly, it hardly seems fair that she pays me at all! She spends quality time with my daughter and really loves her, and that isn’t worth any amount of money. Knowing Dee is here in this world, making a difference is like a payment in itself. I can’t think of a better role model for my daughter. Dee is honest, kind and takes her job very seriously. She gives everything she does 100% and with great passion. Adelaine is is just crazy about her, and so blessed to have Dee in her life, and so am I!

And finally “Miss Sara”

Miss Sara is the most recent angel to enter Adelaine’s world! We discovered Miss Sara at Adelaine’s pretend school about a month ago. Pretend school is actually the Children’s Cancer Center (see our previous post). Anyway, you may be wondering how “Miss Sara” made the cut so suddenly. We’ll I don’t know exactly what all goes on while us moms are gabbing away in the next room, but it must be pretty special!

I do know that on our very first visit we were late, (Anissa was supposed to answer her phone after we crossed the bridge into Tampa to give me directions the rest of the way, but she apparently got caught up in conversation and forgot to turn her cell phone on). The following week I sat down and gabbed for what felt like 5 minutes and looked down at the time and realized that if I left that very second I would be at least 25 minutes late picking up Bowen from school. Let’s just say I can see how it happened!!!! Thanks Kristin for getting Bowen for me that day! (Kristin is one of Angela’s Angels for sure).

Anyway back to Miss Sara, because we were late, Adelaine missed the Easter egg hunt, so Miss Sara hid eggs all throughout the playroom and Adelaine had her own private hunt! Also, on that first day Miss Sara held Adelaine up to the glass window whenever she wanted to, so she could see into the room where her mommy was. Adelaine has a blast painting and playing with Miss Sara. She talks about Miss Sara all the time. Boy Miss Sara really won her over. When we get to pretend school, the first thing Adelaine does is look the room over until she sees her, then she wants to run up to her and give her a hug and talk to her about all sorts of things. Last week Miss Sara wasn’t there, and Adelaine was very disappointed. We prayed and prayed for her to get better. It’s the delight in Adelaine’s eyes when she sees Miss Sara, and the sorrow that she felt when Miss Sara wasn’t there that lets us ALL know that Miss Sara is quite special to Adelaine, and quite special to us too!

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