Since we can remember, Adelaine has asked for a puppy. Recently, we went to a friend’s party and they just happened to have a dog. Adelaine never let it out of her sight, she laughed and giggled the entire evening! I’d always thought about getting her and the boys a poochy deep down inside, but my friends would remind me of the responsibility, so I would work through any desires!!!!

Well after all she’s been through and seeing how much joy she has around one I reconsidered once again. During my phases of insanity (entertaining the thought of actually getting one), we always went back to the Puppy Boutique Website which is an incredible kennel located in Miami. So a few weeks ago I sent them an email explaining about Adelaine and how much she would love to have one of their special pups. Puppy Boutique’s specialty is Teacup and Toy breeds and many of their pups are photographed sitting inside a teacup! We all know how much Adelaine loves a tea party, so it’s only natural that this website would be her, well, her cup of tea!!! As cute as those precious pups in teacups were, I wanted to make sure that we would get a very happy healthy puppy to fall in love with. Let’s just say that after doing the research I knew that with one of their dogs, we were getting the best of both worlds!

What happened next was absolutely astonishing; they replied back that they wanted to “make Adelaine’s life a happier one” and that wanted to donate a pup free of charge to her!!! We all decided on which dog would be best for our family, with Mason’s allergies we were very limited to Poodles and Maltipoos. Yesterday we got the news that everything was set and we could come and pick up the puppy of our dreams! Four hours later the children and I were driving down Alligator Alley and on our way to meet this sweet puppy that Adelaine has longed for over and over again.

The three children have fallen head over heels with our new baby, and so have I (Doug too, he grew up with dogs, but hasnt been allowed to have one since we got married). She is sweet and docile and absolutely gorgeous. She was born on August 26th 2007, and currently weighs 2 pounds. She is expected to weigh about 7 pounds once she’s full grown. Adelaine has named her “Daisy” and we couldn’t be happier over her. Here she is…

Here is the website for the Puppy Boutique. Get ready to have your heart melt!!!

Daisy Georgia Powell, welcome to your new family!

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