Adelaine and Dana

Today Adelaine and I went to the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, as we do every Tuesday. There is so much love that all the volunteers give to those children, no wonder it’s the highlight of Adelaine’s week! Afterwards, we went out to lunch with Miss Kay, her daughter and cancer survivor, Dana, Anissa & Peyton. The conversation usually runs deep as we are able to express and understand how cancer is affecting our lives. Even after the treatments are over, as it is for Dana, cancer has a definite way of forever changing things. Once you go down that road you can never go back.

With our daughters all victims, we too as mothers have many battle scars from the brutal fight. It’s so true what they say, when one family member has cancer, the entire family has cancer. We are all in this together. I don’t know why some of us are chosen to have a standoff with cancer. I don’t know why so many fight the good fight and loose. What I do know is when forced to fight, we fight.

Kay has been such an inspiration to me personally, as well as her daughter, Dana. I shared once again with Dana and Kay, just how important they are to us and how inspiring they are. I also said how sorry I was that they had to go through so much in order for us to have this unique relationship. Dana looked up ant me and said, “I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry at all!”

After witnessing first hand what it’s like to battle cancer, and hearing Dana’s mother speak of how much Dana has suffered, knowing just how scary, painful and awful it is to fight this monster, those words she spoke to me from across the table are forever engrained into my being. I know the suffering behind closed doors, I know the pain, I know the fear and the helplessness, I’ve experienced it all through a mother’s heart, and Adelaine’s eyes. Dana is dainty and petite, like an angelic ballerina, her name fits her perfectly. She is soft spoken has a smile that penetrates all the way to your heart. She has a captivating presence about her. She has the beauty of a rare angel. She is a sincere woman of God. She also possesses the strength of a lioness, as she has proven not just by beating cancer, but also by her words spoken today! Dana is a hero, an unspoken hero. It is nothing short of an honor to know her, and Adelaine has a brave warrior in her life to help her find her way!


Adelaine and Peyton

Adelaine picked Hibiscus Flowers for her “teachers” at CCC today!


Thank you to everyone who has supported and loved us through all this. Cancer is no less scary to us now, than it was before we went head to head with it. In fact, it’s probably even more frightening. It is untrustworthy, it is cold, it is sobering, it is the definition of darkness. If you are able and willing to walk along that frigid, dark road with someone simply by choice, you are a good friend, more treasured than gold. We thank God everyday for your support.


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