We had such an amazing weekend, but Sunday night, it ended with the tragic news of Delaney. She died suddenly on Saturday night. Just 3 days before, we all spent the evening with her at the Children’s Cancer Center. She was the cutest little girl with extraordinary character and personality. She passed out pictures she had made to everyone that evening. She handed me one and then I got to spend time talking with her. I told her how great she looked and asked if she was feeling good. She replied, “I feel great and I am never going to be sick again”! I gave her a high five and we rejoiced over her newly found good health. She had just recently been completely cured of her cancer which she had been fighting for three years. It was like she was able to say “goodbye” to all of us that night by passing out her art work. All our hearts are broken and this precious angel will be terribly missed. Please pray for her family.

On Tuesday morning we all gathered at the center to make Cancer ribbons to pass out at the funeral on Friday, in Delaney’s honor. Her favorite color was red, so the ribbons will be red and gold (gold for childhood cancer). On Saturday I will be speaking ont the CCC and what it has meant to our family. It is a great honor and privilege to be able to do this. The staff and volunteers are such an amazing group of people. They love these children whole-heartedly. Even knowing that there will be occasions where they are going to have their hearts torn apart, they continue to love. They do not put up a shield to protect themselves from getting hurt, but love completely and selflessly to each and every single child. They are truly like family to us. I can not think of any place in the world I’d rather be than at the center with such wonderful people who love and support and understand. They have gotten to know Delaney so well over these past three years. They truly loved her and spent many, many quality hours with her. I know Kara and her family are so grateful for the center and that Delaney had such a loving, fun place to come to which made a significant difference in her life. Please pray for them also, they are hurting so much over this loss.

I haven’t been able to post since we found out, but I would like to share about Adelaine. We took her to the clinic on Monday and she got the nasty chemo, Vinchristine in her port. She also started her 5 days of steroids again. Her counts were at a very low 200! We are supposed to be quarantined, but that’s no fun. We went to the center anyway!!! She is more than ½ way through her antibiotics which she is taking twice a day for 21 days for her massive sinus infection. They said during her appointment that her ears look great. This time there was absolutely NO bleeding after her surgery of having tubes put in. We were amazed and so thankful!

Funny story…

After 10 days of her antibiotics, we had to get a refill for the remaining 11 days. Last Thursday after we left CCC, I stopped by CVS and picked them up. Once we got home I gave them to Adelaine and rushed around getting everyone ready for bed. The next morning there they were still on the counter where I’d left them. This was a giant oops because they had to be refrigerated. I wasn’t sure how much this little mistake was going to cost us, but I knew it was not going to be cheap!! I called the pharmacist and explained what had happened and he said to bring the bottle in and he would just exchange it. Wasn’t that nice of him!!! So I exchanged them and came home. Guess what happened the next morning? No, I didn’t forget and leave them out again, but I did spill the entire bottle because the syringe popped apart while I was measuring it out! The bottle went flying and I did get a very hefty does of antibiotics all in my hair before the bottle hit the floor. I told Doug that there is no way they are going to believe that I have managed to destroy yet another bottle of antibiotics two days in a row!!!! He’s going to think I’m either supplying it whole family or I’m out selling it on the black market! But I mustered up the nerve and called to explain to him what had happened…AGAIN! Once again he agreed to exchange out the bottle for a new one. Thus far we’ve had no more incidences with the antibiotics, but we do still have 6 more days left, so we’ll see!!!!

I am still planning to post about our exciting weekend we had, but I just can’t seem to be able to do it right now. Hopefully tomorrow! Have a wonderful day and kiss someone you love!!!


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