Adelaine took her first beach trip of the New Year today. We praise God! She and her guys had a fantastic time chasing seagulls, playing frisbee, and metal detecting (Mason got a metal detector from Santa)! Adelaine smiled and laughed the entire time. Earlier today we went to church, last Sunday was our first Sunday back in a few months. We had stopped going for a while until Adelaine got into the maintenance phase of her treatments. We visited a new church today, and an old friend of Adelaine’s was there, Josh Graubard.

I have to mention Adelaine’s Josh further. Adelaine seems quite smitten by him! She has known him since she was a baby, and has always been crazy about him, who by the way is in the 8th grade! When she was in the hospital she would always ask about him, and was delighted when he came to see her, and of course his parents and little brother Jesse (who is Bowen’s age). He brought her flowers, per her request, which she still has in her room. He shaved his hair along with Doug when she started loosing hers! Who could ask for a better guy, right? She often talks about him even when she hasn’t seen him in a while. The way she dotes over him is so funny to us. We certainly are not one’s to encourage crushes, in fact if anything we would discourage them. But, to watch her around him is So Funny! All during church today she was completely entertained by him.

Josh shows total devotion!

He and his family came over last weekend and we all had a nice visit. With Scott changing jobs and us not going to church it had been too long since we’ve gotten together. Josh’s parents, Scott and Julie have been so wonderful to us throughout all this. Julie is a breast cancer survivor and they really understand much of what we’re going through. When we were at the hospital, Scott and Julie would come and visit. Scott would stay with us for hours and hours. He came and prayed over Adelaine many times. Scott and Julie have really been able to use their cancer experience to bless so many people, including us! The love and support we received from the Graubard family has made a huge impact on our lives. I would not have wanted to go through those early days of finding out without having them be a part of it. We just didn’t want to be alone and they really understood. Who could ask for better friends?

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