This morning Bowen had red Jell-O, a red Popsicle and juice for breakfast, he said that it was the best breakfast he’d ever had! When the Tech came in to prep him before surgery, he asked Bowen if he knew what he was having done. Bowen lit up and said, “They are going to give me surgery!”, and then he said, “Today is my lucky day!” He didn’t know what surgery was exactly, but Mason had given it a go a couple of years before, and Adelaine sure gets fussed over when it’s her turn, so he knew he wanted in on some of the action.

At the hospital, Bowen got to ride in the stroller for once (Adelaine sat in his lap), and Bowen even got to drive the TV remote. He was loving it!! Also he got to have whatever he wanted for lunch (which happened to be a corndog and an extra large cherry Icee). I was really worried that it may say hello again, but this was Bowen’s luck day, right?!!!

Adelaine also was feeling pretty lucky. She got to play celebrity at the hospital AND not get any treatments. Miss Ashley, one of her favorite people got to have lunch with her, plus she even scored a present from one of the nurses. Bowen was like,”Hey today was supposed to be my special day”, so he and Mason scored gifts too!

Miss Ashley met us at the hospital to watch Adelaine, so I could go back to the holding room with Bowen. Our favorite anesthesiologist was there and he allowed me to suit up and go into the operating room. There is something so special about being there when my babies are put to sleep, it’s like that is what mothers are for. I held my little Bowen in my arms while he breathed in the sleepy medicine from the mask. I spoke words of comfort in his ear while he sleepily drifted into la la land. It was so intimate and special, I will never forget it. Then I made a mad dash down to the room to get Adelaine from Ashley, so she could go to work.

Right after surgery Miss. Pepper took Bowen into the recovery room. Pepper has become a dear friend and always gets Adelaine after all her procedures. After Bowen was fully awake, he came back to the room and proceeded to eat the meal of his dreams!!

Dr. Orobello came in and explained that he removed his adenoids, also there was so much fluid in his ears and that it was as thick as paste. He cleaned it all out and put tubes in. By the way, Bowen has never had one single ear infection in his life. I performed my own Angela Powell hearing test and he passed with flying colors!!! I tapped lightly on the bed and he heard it, I tapped on the table and he heard it too! I whispered and he heard every word, the whisper was so soft I couldn’t even hear it myself! All evening I’ve said, “Can you hear this”, “Can you hear that”? HE CAN LITERALLY HEAR A PIN DROP! It’s so amazing, its like we’ve witnessed a miracle!

They said in about a week (after the swelling goes down) the snoring should completely subside and he should start to slumber peacefully. With a little R&R, all Bowen’s symptoms should subside and he will be a new man with a clear head! So, now Bowen can hear once again, he can already breathe better, and his corndog and his Icee did not pay us a second visit. He had a little Codeine, got to open a present, and then played the Nintendo all evening; I suppose Bowen was right, today was his lucky day!

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