Let me clarify Doug’s post in the rare event that Brad actually reads our blog! I can’t let it go down in history that all I did was drool. Now, Ashley on the other hand, she was a different story (sorry Ashley, but it’s the truth)! As for me I had lots to say. We talked about the weather in Canada, if he were a good bowler, if he was interested in our babysitter, Ashley. Ok, maybe not the last one. Was Brad hot? Let’s be honest, Brad is hot, but for me in a “I’m really glad for you sort of way”! Doug is my little hottie, I love you baby!!!!!







June 11, 2007 Brad Richards hosted his End of the Year Rascal Wrap Up Party. This year the party was at Pinchasers Bowling Alley in Tampa. He had at least 30 lanes for the kids and their families as well as food, sodas and cake.

Of course we got there late (Anissa, that’s how we roll) so we got the last lane. Being in the last lane has its perks as we were the last group that Brad spent time with. He started on the other end and worked his way down spending time with each family talking and taking pictures. He looked pretty tired by the time he got to us. No, he didn’t bowl on each lane. I don’t think his arm would have lasted and he has a successful hockey career to look after.

I had my list of talking points to cover with him:
Thanks for all you do
Lobster Fishing with his dad
His Annual Golf Tournament
The Sopranos Ending
Does he like Journey as much as Vinny and Marty?

I talked to him about all except the last 2. Good thing I had talking points, because Angela and Ashley just kind of sat there, stared, and drooled a little bit. I’m not afraid to admit it, he is a good looking unmarried guy. He is a premiere athlete earning who earned the second highest amount of money of all the players in the NHL last year. He also has a catered suite at the St Pete Times Forum for sick kids and their families for all the Lightning hockey games and many of the other events. When he is with the kids his eyes light up and he focuses on them. Not too shabby.

Kasey Dowd is the Director of Richey’s Rascals. She is an energetic bubbly young lady with a job that has to be extremely fun. Working with Brad, hosting the families at the Hockey Games and coordinating all the other activities. Thanks Kasey!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Thanks to Mary Ann @ The Children’s Cancer Center for inviting us and putting up with our crazy family lives. We have many people that have helped us out and gone above and beyond during the past 11 1/2 months of struggle. We thank you all. To us you are all on the same level as Brad Richards, you just can’t skate as well.


P.S. We will have the pictures up shortly…

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