Well, I tried to update om Monday, but the server wasn’t working. Thank you Peter for fixing it, your awesome! Now that I’m not working (I finished a few days after Christmas), I plan to post more ofter. Anyway here’s my post…

Happy 2008! This year is going to be a great one for us all I pray! First things first, I told Doug I really needed to start screening his blogs!!!!!

Anyway, after a brisk 3 mile bike ride to and from school this morning, the boys have returned to school. The tree finally made it down, Adelaine is watching her usual morning “Noggin” network on TV, so I guess things are getting back to normal (whatever that is)! December went out with a bang! Fond memories will forever swirl in our heads as we reflect on the all the wonders Christmas had to offer!

As for Adelaine, her big treatment was delayed a week so it wouldn’t hit right during Christmas. It was time for her 3 month spinal injection of Methotrexate, Vinchristine push through her port, and five days of steroids. However, she was sick during the time her spinal injection was scheduled so her treatments were split a week apart. They gave her the Vinchristine and steroids although she had a massive double ear infection. Her ears were draining like a runny nose. Gross! Apparently with tubes, they did what they were meant to by letting them drain out. I kept having this bizarre thought about how nice it would be if she could just blow her ears!!! Oddly, she wasn’t even in any pain. I guess with all she’s gone through her she’s developed an extremely high pain tolerance. She started antibiotics and ear drops and was fine within a week.

“On clinical days when I get my treatments, we always bring Mommy’s makeup. It’s my very special way to pass the time. I really was having a great time until the nurses came in and ruined all the fun”!
“Besides the tears, don’t I look beautiful”?

“Do you want to know how I really feel about being put to sleep? Lets just say a picture is worth a thousand words!”…

“Ok, everybody count”




There is something very unsettling about seeing my baby girl lying unconscious on an operating table. We’ve done it so many times now that I’ve lost count, but it never gets any easier. My two biggest fears are that they paralize her while putting the needle into her spine, or worse, she just never wakes up. The best feeling in the world is when they bring her back to me alive and kicking! Only three more of these procedures and she’ll be done! Praise God!

On a lighter side, an Adelaine story…
One of the most amazing events that occured over the break was at the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Christmas party, of course! Adelaine loved it, we all did! What an amazing hockey team we have here. How lucky were we to get Brad Richards! He does so much for the Children’s Cancer Center here, that we’d already spent a lot of time with him, so we already felt like we knew him. In fact, our children think of him as a big buddy more than they do a famous hockey player. When we say Brad last week after the game, I will never forget how Adelaine related to him…

At that time she was on about day five of steroids. What does that really mean? For children on cancer treatments they can have huge personality changes during a course of steroids. For Adelaine, one week a month she has PMS, not your usual PMS, but PMS on steroids. (What makes things even more interesting around here is when Adelaine and mom are both PMSing at the same time)! Normally Adelaine’s a loving, sweet, compassionate, compliant, little angel, but when steroids take over she begins to say things so filled with anger, its like little daggers coming out of her mouth. The boys have learned to tip toe around her during her time of the month, which I guess is a good lesson for when they grow up and get married!!!! She says things like, “You – Guys – Are – Making – Me –Miserable” and, “This – Is – The – Worst – Day – Of – My – Life”. She growls and grunts while she speaks and seems very passionate about the anger she feels. Sometimes I look through that blond hair to see if she’s sprouted any horns yet.

During the game last week her time of the month was at its worst. She fell asleep, which was great for us, but when she woke up it was time to leave. Did I mention that steroids can make you very hungry? One of the great things about staying in Brad’s suite is that he and Casey always have plenty of catered foods brought in. With chicken fingers, pizza, tacos, popcorn, cookies, drinks, the only way you could possibly leave hungry is if you somehow slept through it, which was the case for Adelaine. By the time we made it downstairs she started in about the chicken fingers. She had other things to eat but oh no, only the chicken fingers would do. For a long time she forgot about them but just before Brad came in she remembered again.

You’ve never really seen a child throw a fit until you see a child on steroids throw one. When we’re out people will say, “Hi” and Adelaine will just growl at them. It’s pretty embarrassing for me, so I just say, “You’ll have to excuse her, she’s on steroids”. Now that I think about it I’m sure people don’t have any idea what that really means, or why she’d be on steroids. Maybe I should get her a big button to wear on her shirt that reads, “I’m having major PMS, don’t talk to me or I may bite your head off!” That, I think we all could understand!

Luckily that day Adelaine wasn’t mustering up one of her biggest fits, but she was being pretty nasty and demanding just as Brad was coming in. She saw him and the evil eye she was giving us turned into eyes of delight. Her big buddy had arrived and she seemed glad to see him. After a short little reunion we all were having our picture taken together. She leaned over to Brad with her puppy dog eyes and said, “Brad, I really want some chicken fingers please”. For those kind words to exit her mouth was paramount. You have to remember meanness has been welling up in her for 5 days and she had been jonesing for chicken fingers for several hours by that time. For her to volunteer the word please with out being told just doesn’t happen on day five of steroids, it just doesn’t happen. She could have just as easily grabbed him by the shirt and shaken him back and forth and said things like, “Look at me, look at me, I’m having withdrawals man, if I don’t get chicken fingers now somebody’s going to get hurt”! Thankfully that didn’t happen. Doug and I patted ourselves on the back like, “Wow we really are doing a great job parenting”! And Adelaine did finally get her chicken fingers.

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