It’s been a while since we’ve updated Miss Adelaine’s website. On Saturday we had a big day at Bush Gardens for Bowen’s fifth birthday bash. The Mayhew’s met us there and we had a blast. Bowen rode his first real roller coaster, it went upside down and everything. I don’t think he will be so daring again for a long time! Anissa and I even snuck away and rode Shiekra (the newest roller coaster at the park) a few times! During our third ride, I began to realize how the extra large bag of cotton candy wasn’t mixing well with going upside down. Can cotton candy really give you a hangover? Oh yes!!!

As for Adelaine, we took her to the clinic on Friday, planning for her to get more blood. To our surprise, her blood levels went up all on their own. Her ANC and all her counts were good and we got the go ahead for Bush Gardens. She enjoyed every moment. Peyton and Rachael being there really made it a perfect day for her. Sunday Adelaine and I stayed home while the boys went to church. Yes, I still had the cotton candy hang over and plus Adelaine really did need to rest. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights were rough because of the steroids. Adelaine just could not sleep and was miserable. She has still been complaining a lot about this and that hurting. Her latest ailment is jaw pain.

Our Adelaine is such a little doll. All during her steroids last week she did stay in her bed, which we had successfully taught her to do a couple of weeks ago. But by the end of her treatment, she just couldn’t sleep so she would call out to us. By about the 10th time of going into her room I finally gave up and crawled into bed with her (this was on Monday night). She announced that she was going to “frow” up. I grabbed the bed pan from under the bed and that was that. If I hadn’t gotten into her bed things would have definitely gotten messy! She’s such a good girl I know she wouldn’t have gotten out of her bed. Because of the time change (which we should all boycott in my opinion), we were all up and stirring before the sun this morning. Doug went into her room and told her she could go get in bed with mommy but she refused because the sun wasn’t up yet. Last night she finally slept well again. Today was a great day for her. She sang her little made up songs and happily skipped around the house, oh my heart was so warm by her. I pray that we can have many more days like today. Tonight she said that she will be a quiet girl so mommy can sleep, which means that she feels tired and will probably sleep well tonight. Let’s hope so!

And now a few interesting facts about Adelaine’s world:
Flying dragons really exist here, only in everyone else’s world their dragon flies!
Car seat sick is different from being car sick, it doesn’t involve “frowing” up.
She has renamed the mosquito to just plain “bug bite”. Hey lets just call it what it really is, ok.
Her favorite baby doll names are Mifka (I hope I’m spelling that right, being that I’ve never heard of that name before, I can’t be too sure), and Brianna (she’s from one of her Barbie movies)!
Adealine’s mommy says that before she can have a baby she has to get married. So she tells me and Doug regularly that she hopes we get married soon!

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