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The girls participated in Cardboard Testimonies at our church on July 12, 2009. I am trying to get the video up here, but our church just started hosting their videos on truthcasting and it is a HUGE hassle to watch the entire videos there let alone download them.

It is very moving. I will get it wrapped up better soon…

Why did the camera add 20 lbs to my belly and none to anyone else?

Need to remember to suck it in.  I seriously have lost over 50 lbs in the past 12 months.  I am am in pretty darn good shape.  I do still need to loose more obviously.

I weighed 261 last July.  I have been sitting at 208 since February.  I do ride the bike between 60-100 miles a week and hit the weights 3 times a week.  I must be getting old.  Maybe another Master Cleanse will help…


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