Yep, all our babies are now a year older (they all just had birthdays)! Here are some of my recent memory gems:

Mike Alstott Celebrity Softball Game
Adelaine was too grouchy and sick from Vinchristine to go to the game so I volunteered to take the boys to see some of their hero’s up close. CCC only had so many passes to the VIP section and of course The Powell’s always roll up late so we were on the outside looking in. Nicki one of Adelaine’s “teachers” from CCC waived us down and scrounged up a couple passes for us and we were next to the dugout. Hooters waitress’ served us cheeseburgers and hotdogs (don’t tell Angela) as well as sodas, chips and ice cream sandwiches. The boys then wandered into the dugout to hang out with local celebrities and Buccaneers players past and present.

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Weekly Beach Trips
We started a tradition of going to the beach every Sunday evening a couple months before Adelaine was diagnosed. Well, we are officially back in the groove. 2 late Sunday afternoons in a row we attacked St Pete Beach. We only live 6.7 miles from the beach and if you want to join us we will be their 5ish every Sunday from now until October/November.

This Sunday I was the human diving board. The kids would climb onto my shoulders in the water and jump in. Yes, the water is still a bit chilly for my liking, yes, I do prefer bath temperature water and it will be that way soon. I cant help myself. I love the water more than the kids. Well maybe not more than Adelaine. She giggled for the first half hour in the water. She loved it. Last summer counts were still pretty low and now she is a lot more confident and she ate it up. After about an hour I noticed her teeth starting to chatter so I literally dragged her out and made her dry off.

I then woke Angela up from her nap in her beach chair and talked her into going for a walk on the beach. As soon as she got up my body dove into the chair and said she would probably enjoy some alone time with the kids herself. My beautiful bride obliged and I got to relax in her chair with my hat pulled low, sunglasses on listening to the sounds of the waves washing on shore. We live in paradise. Yes, life has its down moments, but I like to focus on the good times.

I am reading a book right now titled The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris. I subscribe to many of the principles he brings to life in this book. I have a business associate that met Timothy a month before his book was published @ a master mind group. Now the author actually shows up and crashes at his house on his couch for a week at a time. He lives life the way he wants to and enjoys it to the fullest. One of the big things I was hit with today in the book is to not just look for happiness in life, strive for excitement. Yes, I have many failures in my life, but they have all been learning adventures that make me a better person today. I am working to be a better person, better entrepreneur, better Christian, better father, and better husband. The easiest way for me to accomplish these things to look for the exciting adventure in everything I do. Those of you that know me, know that I love to have a great time. When I lose focus on the excitement in my life I get miserable and upset when I fail. My mentor has a philosophy of “Fail Faster”. Basically, be aware that failure actually breeds success. When you fail you are actually at least one step closer to success. Did you know that Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb? Nope, he is the person that perfected the lightbulb though. It took Edison over 6,000 tries to perfect the filament. Just think if he would have quit at 10, 100, or even 5,000. Someone else would be in all the history books.

What does this mean to me and you. Don’t quit on your dreams! If you dream of your child being healed from disease, seek out every single avenue and do what feels right in your heart. If you want to learn to play an instrument – do it. If you want a black Ferrari set unrealistic goals and a path to obtain it. Now go out and take action. Oh yeah, go Stars!!!


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