This week flew by and we will be leaving at 5:30 am for the airport to head to Maine. Our bags are packed and for the first time EVER I will not be up all night packing the night before a trip. The children went to their last day of VBS, and each one had a blast, they said they can’t wait until next year. Adelaine is healthy and her counts are good.

More good news, we passed the health inspection with flying colors this afternoon! It looks like our home is indeed safe for a baby, so that part went great. It was a very busy day. We left the house first thing this morning to get Daisy’s Heart Guard and flee control (just in case). She has never had a flee, but with Doug in charge, anything’s possible!!!!! -(Just kidding)! Today was the first day we laced Daisy’s blood stream with toxic chemicals, bit I figured if we ever do get flees, our entire house would have to be treated, plus Daisy, so it was the lesser of two evils.

Speaking of evils, the children’s nightly Bible story tonight was about Sodom and Gomorrah. Because the city was so evil, God told Abraham that he was going to destroy it. Abraham pleaded with God to save Abraham’s nephew and his family who lived there, before destroying it. God sent two angels to lead the family out of the city, but warned the one thing they must remember – DO NOT LOOK BACK. As burning sulfur rained down on the city, Lot’s wife couldn’t resist turning around and looking back. The Bible says immediately she turned into a pillar of salt.

Strangely, this has become one of my favorite lessons in the Bible, simply because it shows what can happen if we look back. When I look back at Adelaine’s cancer, I become paralyzed. I can’t wait until all this is in the past. Three more months and we will have a brand new life. Every time I look back and start thinking about where we’ve been I become frozen, literally frozen with fear. Cancer will not continue to have this gripping control over my life, I simply will not allow it. I daily lay it at the feet of Jesus. He comforts me, he loves me and he wants my family to claim their freedom. We accept! Praise God!!!

PS Since Doug will not make it on this vacation, I will be looking back and missing him. I love you baby. Take good care Daisy, or as Adelaine likes to call her, Bebe Daze!!!!!

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