Ok so we’re having this problem with rashes these days. For about two months, Bowen and Adelaine both have been them, but the rashes aren’t the same. Adelaine’s is apparently fungal, a side effect of her chemotherapy, which seems to be about gone. Bowen he just can’t seem to shake his. He has tiny reoccurring boils that appear on his legs. We’ve been bathing him in Povidone Iodine and Hibiclens, as well as putting prescription Neosporin (which was Adelaine’s) on it, still it wont stay away. I was on the internet last night trying to identify exactly what Bowen has, big mistake!!! On the internet, all roads somehow lead to cancer!!!! Really though this sort of makes me laugh what are the chances…. well we won’t even go there. The boy has a rash, that’s that!!!!

We were at the Pediatrician’s office last week for the boy’s annual check up. All was well, and I didn’t even mention it. Bowen’s rash will completely go away for a day or two, but then it all comes back. Of course at the time it had gone away, which I assumed for good. Wrong!!!!

I called the Pediatric Dermatologist to make an appointment for them both (minus well take a look at Adelaine while were all ready there, right). The receptionist said she could probably work us in some time next week. Then she asked what problems they were having. I explained about Bowen and she scheduled us in for 2:45 TODAY!!! So, now I’m really concerned. It’s a little freaky when a doctor is willing to drop everything to see you, like his leg maybe rotting off or something!!!!!

So if you will, please pray that it’s nothing serious, non contagious, and easily treatable.

Hope your having a great, non rashie sort of day!


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