Excitement is in the Air… and Mmmmm Food Never Tasted so Good…

Firstly, Here is Adelaine’s school picture! She is the perfect picture of health, don’t you think?!!!! Praise God!

Did I make it through the 10 days cleanse? Not quite! It wasn’t because I’m not strong-willed enough (just ask my parents Ha!!!!), but my body just couldn’t do it! Looking back I guess I didn’t have enough reserve to go that long without food. So what happened? One morning after about 3 hours of sleep, Smooth Move Tea kicked in. During that, nausea took over and I sincerely thought I was going to pass out. While I was in bed proclaiming my death to Doug, all I could in vision was a very large hospital co pay!!! It turned out that I disliked the lemonade so much after drinking it day after day, I began to push it away. It got to the point that I’d rather go without than force more lemonade down. So that faithful morning the real problem was probably dehydration, as the day before I had only put 4 glasses down. Would I ever do the diet again? Yes, but my body can only withstand about a five day fast, unless I gain weight. My first meal….. Doug’s quesadillas! Second meal… quesadillas. Third meal… quesadillas!!! Madagascar 2 never tasted sooo good, with all that Movie Theater popcorn!!! Welcome back nasty little toxins!!!!!!! Just so everyone knows I did loose 10 pounds in the first five days and gained about half back right after going off the cleanse. I’m glad I did it, it was an amazing journey!

But enough about me…

So what’s with all the hoopla at the Powell’s? We have exciting news!!!! Yesterday we got the call that the State had just approved us for the Foster Care Program. I’ll never forget where I was when I the call came in… Merritt’s Mom, Dawn, from Adeline’s school had thrown her back out and I was giving her an adjustment. No I’m not a chiropractor in real life, I just play one on TV!!!! I guess since she trusts me with her child she felt she should trust me with her back! Anyway her message/adjustment was cut short because when I heard the ring I looked at the numbers and jumped up to answer the phone. I think Dawn and Mrs. Daughter, who were in the room at the time, thought I had just won the lottery!!! It wasn’t the lottery, but to us far, far better!!!!!!

So what now? Long story short, we are just waiting for the phone to ring one more time!!!! For everyone we know it happens quickly from this point. I’m feeling excitement and nervousness all at the same time. Please pray that the perfect little girl for our family comes to live with us. The only way we were able to sign up for all this is by our faith! Faith that the seemingly strange timing to me, is God’s perfect timing. Technically, this all should have happened at the end of summer as predicted. I am trusting that sweet girl were waiting for just wasn’t ready then. Please pray for her. These children have to endure so much grief and turmoil before it gets to the point of being removed from their families. Because of Adelaine, we are now really good at making up for lost time, so many days spent as no child should. I spend hours each week at the playground after school with her and her friends making up for lost time!! Our new addition is going to have a great life with us! She will be loved, she will be cared for, and she will be protected. We are so honored that God has called us to care for one more of His children!!!! Please pray over this entire situation for us, especially for the little girl.


One last thing… Today is a very special day for our friends, Brad and Kat Evers. By lunch time, they and their two boys, Devin and Justin will be completing their family by officially adopting their three little girls, Sesly, Misty and Mary! Congratulations, we are so excited for you all!!!!

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