I am in the middle of a 2 week mancation.

I am updating the photos on the site here and it is mind numbingly monotonous .

When I switched the blog to wordpress a few months back, I did not update the photos at that time. Well, I see why not. I am playing with a few different options to go forward with as an online photo storage / photo album / link to blog and am down to flickr vs picasa vs nextgen (keeps crashing). If you have opinions i would love to hear them.

Flickr is cheaper as we are over the 10gig level with the number of photos we need to store.
Picasa has a desktop application that is really cool.
nextgen is free and stores on your site.

Anyways, you will see old photos show up and new photos with a different look.

I am going to stick a couple that caught my eye as well as my memories. With over 17,000 pictures on my laptop, I have a couple that have surprised me as well.

adelaine close up may 13 2007 012107 adelaine bald head cancer child walking on beach sleepless 120806 Heart Jesus and Adelaine 12_5_06


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