Its been a while since our last post. Sorry about that. The fund raiser went great over 300 people attended. Angela spoke at the Children’s Cancer Center 33rd annual meetingon Wednesday Night. It was a who’s who of Tampa Bay, with many of the largest donors in attendance. She did a fantastic job speaking. I got to meet Ian Beckels, he is a local sports talk radio host and an ex-Buccaneer, in fact we were seated next to Ian and his wife for the meeting. His show, The Ron & Ian Show on 620 WDAE is my favorite talk radio show I have ever heard. I have travelled the country, I have and currently do listen to all different genres of talk radio, and there show is my absolute favorite. Ron Diaz is also a huge contributor to the Childrens Cancer Center, unfortunately he was unable to make the event Wednesday.

Adelaine received a spinal injection Friday, and the Cadillac has a broken power steering pump, so I was the bus driver. I dropped the boys at school, picked up the girls and dropped them at the hospital and then stumbled into work. To top it off, I was sick with a achy, headachy, hot and cold head cold, which is extra miserable when it is still 90+ degrees outside. Sunday I was feeling much better, and then I kicked the front door to open it, of course I wasnt wearing shoes in the house, so I am now a proud owner of a purple and black big toe that shoots pain up my leg and makes me whimper like a newborn puppy.

I & 5 others are working on a project at work with a group of 4500+ companies in California. While I am not required to stay past 5:15pm, in order to effectively attack this business, I have been staying until at least 6:30 and many nights 8pm. I still have my clients in the North East to work with in the mornings. For the past 2 weeks straight, Angela has been working overnights as a caregiver for a 94 year young lady. Her hours are generally 9pm-7am. We are truly 2 ships passing in the night right now. After this weekend she will be cutting back to Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday nights.

I will try to get the site updated more this week

p.s. If any of you were wondering what to get me for my birthday which just happens to be Friday, October 5. Here is a link to something I could use to keep myself from getting injured while supporting my favorite team: Doug’s Ideal Present

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