From Kate’s blog:

December 24, 2007 at 07:39 AM EST
Yesterday Kate was released from PICU and move to the neuro-ward at Miami Children’s Hospital. When I arrived back at the hospital yesterday afternoon, Kate was walking around the third floor with her sister, Belen, her cousins, Juliana and Crystal. I couldn’t believe it. I stopped Kate in the hallway and took a look at her. She didn’t have any swelling of the eyes or face, she was walking fine, her bubbly personality was back and she was on her way to eat a hot dog for dinner.

Clearly, this is our Miracle on 62nd Avenue (that’s where the hospital is located).

To top it off, Kate will be home for Christmas. She’ll be released tomorrow!

Kate will have an MRI today and I’ll be spending tonight at the hospital. Basi and Belen will probably spend the night at her sister’s house. And once Kate is released, we’ll all meet up for Christmas day. Basi has many more details about the last 36 hours, but so far, our prayers have been heard, and Kate appears to be doing absolutely fantastic.

Although our stay in PICU was short, we managed to find ourselves praying for the other kids (in much worse condition than Kate) and for their families.

Basi will provide a more detailed update later. Thanks again for the prayers and continued support.

Praise God!

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