Technically it’s Thursday, so in one more day my “baby” will be 4 years old! We are all very excited about our trip to Camp Twin Lakes, Georgia. With 2 adults and 7 children this should certainly be anything but an ordinary road trip! Doug and Daisy Dog will be at the home front here, and Brad will be on his own as well. Kat teases me endlessly about my possibly over packing! Oddly our two families first met at a weekend camp last year with the CCC. Our families bunked together. She laughed at my hair dryer and makeup! We have a 15 passenger van, but my only question is “Will there be enough room for us 9 plus all the luggage”? Really though, I’m not that bad!

Last night we got last minute tickets to the Tampa Bay Lightning Game. We stayed in Brad’s suite, but it just isn’t the same since he’s gone over to the Dallas Stars! I did a lot more socializing than watching the game this time!

Here are some pictures that Anissa took, I forgot our camera and Doug’s Dallas Stars hat! Oops!

Meet the newest DALLAS STARS Adelaine and Peyton!

After the two fashion shows, Bowen has asked if we could get him into modeling. I think we could use this picture!

(What Doug’s thinking) “Wouldn’t my Dallas Stars hat have looked better, thanks a lot”!

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