Since Adelaine’s blood infusion, she is back on her feet again, and with a little extra pep in her step!!! We just got our “Get Your Life Back Date” September 5, 2008! This will be the very last day of her treatments for Leukemia. This may seem like a long way off, but to us it’s like a bright light in the darkness. We can officially see the light a t the end of the tunnel! Adelaine’s saying is,”I can’t do this forever”. She says this ALL THE TIME. Yesterday, when she said it, I told her the date and that she would be 4 ½ years old and all her treatments would stop. She lit up like she knew exactly what I was talking about, and then she said, “Tomorrow I will be six!”

Christmas night she will take her last 6TP (Chemo). Then she will have two weeks off from all her treatments.

Next to follow will be the Maintenance Phase of her treatments. This means that she will be on a twelve week schedule which will repeat itself throughout the course of the next two years. She will get Chemo that is familiar to us and we can better plan because we will have the entire schedule mapped out in front of us!

After Christmas the worst will be behind us in a lot of ways. She still will be getting daily treatments which will keep her immune-suppressed and carry with it all negative, potentially life-threatening, long term effects that these treatments bring to the table. She still will have hospital stays, clinical visits, procedures done in the operating room, and endure many more pokes and “sticky prickies.” So please keep praying. We got good news but we still have a long journey ahead of us.

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