Adelaine is having a great week at Vacation Bible School! I signed her and the guys up last spring. Monday morning I was really second guessing myself about letting Adelaine go, but she was soooo excited that I just couldn’t say No. Her teachers diligently follow her around all morning with hand sanitizer, thankfully they are trying to help her out! I feel that with lots of prayer and their good efforts we can make it through without getting sick. Please pray for her, we leave for Maine on Saturday. I so hope that we can go on all our trips with everyone feeling great. After we get back we have about six days and we will be leaving for Michigan. Doug still has family there and we are excited about getting together with them!

On Tuesday we skipped VBS to go on a day cruise with Brad Richards who is now with the Dallas Stars. Adelaine had fun attaching herself to Dana the entire outing and occasionally giving the rest of us a little of herself! I told Brad that she even prefers Dana over us!! It was a great time and Adelaine enjoyed “Pretend School” on the boat with Brad. Last week when we went to the Cubs v/s Rays baseball game Adelaine asked, “Where’s Brad Richards”. I had to explain that this was baseball, not hockey!

Today we finished our Home Study and everything is all coming together. On Friday the Health Department will come to our home to do a thorough inspection. We now have 5 smoke detectors in our home, they are around every corner. If we ever do have a fire we won’t even have to call the fire department, THEY ARE SURE TO HEAR without the call! We also have emergency escape plan posted in every room. We don’t really need to go on vacation, we can just look at those plans and pretend we are in a Hotel! Two of the biggest chores we’ve had to do to get ready for the inspection is locking up all medications, and locking up all toxins. If it’s not ok to swallow then it’s not ok to be available, this has proven to be a tough rule to follow. The meds alone took two days to put away and we had to rent a small storage shed for all the chemo, just joking, but it did take a lot of work cleaning out medicine cabinets, under the bathroom sinks and all the drawers. I did some serious spring cleaning and we now have a lot more room which is nice. It is strange looking at the lock and key we have on two of our kitchen cabinets. We also had to purchase a commercial grade fire extinguisher, apparently the ones from Walmart aren’t good enough. I guess they know how I am in the kitchen! If we don’t pass it will really hold things up because of our frequent vacationing until August.

Along with reorganizing and childproofing the house we’ve also had the daunting task of packing for our trip, I ‘m really not sure which has been harder. Flying used to be so excited now it’s such a choir. With the new airline rules we are only allowed to check one bag per person, and the dimensions of the bag cannot exceed more that 61 inches. So now it involves measuring and precise packing magic! Also they have something against duffle bags so that one bag has to come in a square box. They are getting really close to cramming us all in boxes and shipping us like cargo. You cannot enter with food or drinks and apparently lip gloss, (my friend got hers confiscated on our Memorial weekend getaway). Maybe it’s because the lady behind the desk really liked it. Katherine says if they see it and they like it, they take it! Maybe I’ll add some eucalyptus, peppermint and oreginol to all my liquid make up, that would teach them!!!! But at least were not driving. It took Kat and me 13 hours just to drive to Georgia with our 7 children, if we were driving all the way up north it could take nearly a week to get there, so really I’m grateful!

Tomorrow Doug is taking Adelaine to the clinic for her finger poke to test her blood levels. Please pray that everything is normal and that they can finish in time for VBS!


PS We still haven’t gotten a new computer yet, so if your emailed me please forgive me for not getting back with you yet. My email is apparently in morning over our computer!!!!

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