Tuesday’s night’s fashion show at Sacs Fifth Avenue, to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation was so much fun! As a cancer survivor, Adelaine felt great and was really able to enjoy the show this year! Last year she was just getting over some pretty sever illness. I can’t quite remember what it was and could go back and look it up, but I don’t really care!!!! Yea, it doesn’t even matter anymore!

For the show I did Adelaine’s hair, Anika’s too! Right after we got Anika I was determined to learn to French braid the girls’ hair. Just when Adelaine’s was finally long enough at age 2, it all fell out. It has just now gotten long enough again…

I can’t wait to share this… Adelaine got her very first real hair cut yesterday!!!! The first time we cut it, it was so sparse that her flyways looked something like Scrooge’s hair! It was shedding like a cat. Just before it all fell out, we cut it short. Just before she was about to be bald, we shaved it. Loosing that hair was such a sad time for us. It’s hard to believe that here we are voluntarily cutting it!!!! Still her hair is past her shoulders. We decided to cut the “chemo” ends off! Her hair is now all one length and we plan to let it grow long again!

Anyway, almost everyday for 6 weeks I’ve French braded Anika’s hair while Adelaine and the boys were at school. She has the perfect hair for it, long, thick and curly! I’ve had different people show me how, thank you girl friends for helping me learn! I still wasn’t very confident so I went on U- tube and watched a few videos which really helped a lot! Tuesday afternoon I put all that effort to the test! Both the girls’ hair looked great in their French braids if I do say so myself!!!! Doug should be posting a video soon!

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