Today marks seven months since Adelaine was diagnosed with Leukemia! Thank you everyone for calling, emailing and praying, things have really turned around for Adelaine these past few days in the hospital. The type of blood infection she has is under control. Yesterday, her blood tested negative for the bacteria. She still will continue on oral antibiotics for a while so that it doesn’t come right back, but she doesn’t have to have an IV pump at home or an in home nurse. Her fever has been gone for several days, her ANC is up and she is feeling much better now. Wow! A complete turn around, we are so happy! To add a cherry on top, Mason was accepted into the gifted program at school. This afternoon we are going to a meeting about it. Bowen and Adelaine both have birthdays coming up. We are ecstatic to be leaving the hospital today and to begin enjoying all the good things March will bring! We feel so blessed.

As tradition, Mason and Bowen camped while sis was in the hospital!
The tent was set up in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, where else?

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