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Just got finished watching a movie on HBO. Angela and I actually saw this movie in the theatre right before Mason was born. His birthday is April 27, 2000 and this movie came out on March 24, 2000. We never went to the movies for at least a year after he was born. In fact, this is probably the last movie we saw at the theater before we were parents.


Now this movie is a defining moment for a couple of our favorite actors Josh Hartnett and Chris Klein. This was the first movie we saw either of them in. They usually play a nice guy role and give you a feel good feeling with the characters they play.
Now the premise of this movie has long been forgotten by me and probably Angela.

If you are planning on possibly watching this STOP READING HERE. It really is a good heart warming movie, don’t watch it with kids though adult situations.

If you read on the movie will be spoiled and this is your last warning cuz it really is pretty good.

Ok, you asked for it.

Klein is a rich brat that wrecks a restaurant in a small town when drag racing a local guy, Hartnett.

Klein has to help Hartnett fix the place or go to jail.

Klein steals Hartnett’s girlfriend and they fall in love.

Here is the gut wrencher. Seriously stop reading spoiler alert. The girl has cancer. Klein takes off back to his rich brat life. The girl has a line though that really hit me something like this, “Daddy some people live their whole life without falling in love. I have lived my life and I have loved.”

We have known far too many children that have not known “falling in love”. They did not get to grow up. Some that never even got to go to preschool.

Take care of your bodies and especially your children’s. I never was a healthy person growing up. Doritos, oreos, pepsi, Little Ceasers Pizza were my diet in high school. This is not an acceptable diet for anyone at any age. I am going to upset some people here, but oh well.

Your health is directly related to what you put into your body.

Eating garbage will allow you to live, but your body and your mind will not truly be functioning at its peak. In fact the junk will actually break down your defenses and allow you to get sick more easily.

Cancer is generally thought to start with free radicals in your body. Free radicals are in everyones body. Anti oxidants actually cancel free radicals out. That is why a diet high in anti oxidants is so important.

Well, where do we get anti oxidants? The best place is from locally grown organic fruits and vegetables.

Why locally grown?

Well, 75%+ of the nutrients ( antioxidants included) are formed in the last week of the ripening process. There fore if something is picked green far away, say another country, picked green so that it will “ripen” in transit and be the proper color once it hit the shelves at the grocery store.

This is not true ripening, it is actually rotting. That is why fruits and vegetables at the store don’t generally taste as good as out of your garden.

Why organic?

Organic generally means the grower has not used any genetically altered seeds (verrrrrrrrrrry bad stuff) they have also not used chemicals to enhance the growing process artificially (also bad). They also have not used recycled sewer water to water the plants. That is what is believed to have caused the salmonella poisoning outbreak this summer.

Now, I don’t blame any parents or anything like that for their kids getting cancer. Cancer has to have so many variables available to happen that not any one thing can be blamed. I do want you to know that you have to do everything in your power to try to prevent cancer in your kids. By providing the healthy choices and saying “No” to unhealthy choices not matter how much they beg and plead and demand and cry. Sugar is a fuel for cancer and needs to be avoided.

Trust me, providing healthy choices and putting up with a few moments a day with whiny kids is much easier to deal with than a critically ill child.

Up until this point, you may have not known this or been like most and decided to not think about why we are supposed to eat healthy. You now have no excuse. Give your kids the fighting chance they deserve. There are so many other things in our lives that will harm us, give your family the best chance of winning. Take care of their health.

Does it cost more?

It is less expensive than you think. The organic vegetables actually last longer. Organic milk does as well. Less rotting food = saving money
Try it with just your kids if you want. I beg you. Stop the sugar. Stop the junk. They will fight you. You are their ONLY advocate. Act like it.

Now I left the ending out of the movie so I didn’t spoil it all the way.

Go watch this movie. Then look up the local farmers market and make certain they grow organically. You should actually be able to go see the farms where they grow their crops. Make a day of it and show your kids.

I love you Angela. I am so glad you take such good care of our children’s health, even when they cried for fries. Now Mason doesn’t even want meat at all especially in his lunch at school. His friends think it is cool that he is a vegetarian. (Don’t tell them, but he did have turkey for Thanksgiving, but we all rarely eat meat now.)


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