Hungry After Halloween!!!!

For Halloween, Doug and I dressed up as…

Because Angela from “The Office” is… well… kinda too dull, and Chewbacca is just too hairy…

From Hungry After Halloween!!!!

Dwight Schrute from “The Office”

Princess Leia “Star Wars”

adult costume
For the most part, every one got Princess Leia. Only people that watch “The Office” got Doug’s, but for those that did, they thought it was hysterical. (Doug forgot to put on his “Dwight” glasses for the picture, oops!)

For those of you who do watch “The Office” (which happens to be one of our favorite shows to watch), remember this year’s season premier (which happened during Doug’s Master Cleanse diet) when Dunder Mifflin had all the employees competing for extra days off, biased on which branch lost the most weight? They all (well, most of them) worked really hard to lose weight and get in shape. One of the employees, Kelly, sat at her desk with her little juicer, lemons, syrup and cyanine pepper, sipping away! Later, the staff went to their warehouse and stood on the big scale together for their regular weigh in. Kelly climbed on with everyone else and just sort passed out then fell over, right off the scales. When I watched this I couldn’t even breathe I laughed so hard !!!

Well, now the jokes on me! I made it through day four of no eating and have just conquered day five. By day five, your digestive system officially shuts down, which is just strange to think about. Because my body isn’t using energy to run its digestive track, it’s supposed to give me more energy. I guess this explains why in the mornings I wake up ready to go. (Anyone that knows me knows I am anything but a morning person)! Very strange phenomenon!

Tonight I took the children to Subway for their dinner. Maybe not the healthiest choice in the world, but certainly we could have done worse!!! Anyway I sipped my lemonade and insisted that they let me smell their food as I did. During the mornings I wake up not hungry at all. In fact, I can go all day without eating, but at night it gets tough. Doug just got through sautéing mushrooms and making Quesada’s. He makes them better than anyone in the entire world, (as Dwight would say, “Fact”)! Oh man, melted Mexican cheese, sautéed mushrooms, bell peppers and onions, fresh salsa, sour cream, and topped off with the best hot sauce I’ve ever tasted, from the Saturday Morning Market. The entire house smells like a Mexican Fiesta. Am I happy with Doug right now? NOT EXACTLY!!!!!! Yes here I am sitting her sipping my “Smooth Move” Tea.

As for the cleanser diet, I am no longer planning to extend any time past 10 days. It will be difficult staying on the diet over the weekend. The children wanted to go the Madagascar 2, but I know I can sit through a movie and smell that delicious, salty, hot buttered popcorn, without chewing my own arm off!!!! Wednesday night the body cleansing will be finished, which means no more boring lemonde!!! So what have I been craving the most during these past five days? Chicken Marcella from Maggiano’s Little Italy, (I know that Doug and I are vegetarian, but I really don’t care at the moment) and then there’s Movie Theater popcorn (which always makes me sick once I get home but tastes go good, so what!) and now Doug’s Quesada’s, (thanks Doug)!!!

Enough about me and my hunger pangs…

I wanted to talk more about Adelaine and how things have been these past 8 weeks. It has been strange falling back into a “normal” life, after so long. For the first 6 weeks after all the children went to school, honestly, I just went to back to bed and slept until 11:00 am EVERYDAY. My body just needed some time to recover from all the trauma I guess. This summer was nice and relaxing at the different camps which helped. Changing doctors took so much stress away, that alone made such a big difference. I really wanted to get the baby right away because I didn’t want to have time, a lot of time, to reflect on what we’d been through, but now I see that this peace has been so good for me. I feel like a new person without all that stress, I’m feeling very relaxed and well rested.

Leia and Beauty
Princess Sleeping Beauty and Princess Leia!

One of my good friends from Georgia and I were talking a few weeks ago and I told her that I had just learned something new about myself – that I get board very easily. She responded, “I’ve know that about you the entire 10 years I’ve known you and you’re just now realizing it?” I guess I’ve never had time to think about it, until now! Anyway, I am a bit board not having something to do every single moment, but at the same time, I’ve seized the opportunity to rest, hoping that a new baby will be here soon, and there will be no time for such!

Strangely, every day this week I’ve had something big planned to do while the children attended school. I’ve had multiple check up appointments scheduled for myself, there was the final Gifted meeting for Bowen. Yesterday, I went with Adelaine and her class to the Boyd Hill Nature Reserve (drinking “Smooth Move” Tea the night before a trip to the nature park could have turned out badly!) Today I went to visit Sesly at All Children’s Hospital because she was having her Port taken out. Every time I go back there, it seems so surreal. It’s like having cold water poured on me or something. I love the hospital, it’s just what we went through while we were there that seems so bizarre. Sesly finished treatment 8 months ago, so her immune system is doing great. She is beautiful and we are all four (Kat, Sesly, Adelaine and myself) going to Maggiano’s ASAP! Around Adelaine’s birthday, her numbers should be way up there too. So will cancer ever be a distant thing of the past? Well, it’s not quite that simple, not for any of us.

Adelaine has had her counts checked three times now, two scheduled and one unscheduled (she gets a CBC monthly the first year after treatment). I read not long ago that 100% of people who go in for tests and scans worry about their results. 100%! How can they say that 100% of people feel this way or that? So while I wait, I think about that article, and somehow it makes me smile. Like, I am going to be the one to prove them wrong… but then I can’t. When my blood runs cold because I think it’s taking a little too long for them to bring me the results, and they must be stalling because they don’t want to be the one to give me the bad news, I think of that article and realize that my fears are perfectly normal.

Adelaine went surfing. She learned how to surf a few weekends ago. The surfers could now believe their eyes. They were truly amazed and so was I. It was during a Children’s Cancer Center Survival group meeting. The parents were in a meeting, while the kids were being entertained Cancer Center style! It truly was one of the most unbelievable things I’d ever seen. I caught it all on film, but… we won’t even go there. Let’s just say I am working on getting some pictures of her big debut. Anyway, by the following Sunday night I had her at the Evenings Pediatrics, where we go to have her blood checked. Adelaine was hysterical she was in so much pain from her, what turned out to be a double ear infection, but our nurse was so afraid that she was about to have to send us to the hospital (if you know what I mean).

In my heart I knew it was just an ear infection, but everyone at the office was a little freaked out by her behavior. It was like they were all expecting the worst. That’s what I mean by our new “normal”. One of the biggest things that was lost at our cancer diagnosis was that Adelaine will never again be going to the doctor for a cold, a virus, or an ear ache. Something far graver is always lurking. The fear of cancer’s return is something that will really never go away. It is something that we have to adjust our lives to. Whenever Adelaine comes to me with a complaint about any part of her body hurting, a fever, or if she starts looking pale or tired, my blood runs cold and I have to fight myself from those negative thoughts.

By God’s grace, I do not struggle with those fears on a daily basis. They only arise if Adelaine is having a problem, or if she is having a checkup. During those times I just pray and give it to God. He comforts me and gets me through it. I know that if it weren’t for my faith I would not be able to live my life with peace – what a gift! One of the biggest things that was gained at our cancer diagnosis was to live like we were dying… Every day is such an amazing gift. We want to enjoy as many moments with our children as possible. We rejoice and praise God daily that cancer is behind us and that we are all healthy. Learning to live with cancer was extremely difficult at best. We are privileged, and blessed beyond words to have been given the opportunity to learn to live life AFTER cancer!

C Princess
Adelaine and “Daisy Dog” at the Children’s Cancer Center Garden. One of my favorites!


Living on Lemonade, and God’s Grace!!!

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