is that Kramer's blood

is that Kramer's blood

This past weekend was packed full for us all. Saturday was the tea party and Sunday was the American Cancer Society Christmas party at the Vinoy Hotel. There is something so special and touching about gathering around these families. It’s like being surrounded by angels, and to be honest with you I’m quite certain that we were. It was great reuniting with several different families that we had gotten to know during our Disney trip. The Mayhew’s were there with Peyton, which is always a blast. This unbelievable performer sang,” All I Want for Christmas is You”! It was so beautiful. I was able to compose myself at the time, but now when I hear it on the radio I completely loose it!

Adelaine certainly had a great weekend. But by Sunday night poor Adelaine was exhausted and didn’t seem herself. This new chemo had really started to take its toll on her. We took it really easy on Monday trying to let her rest up.

By this morning Adelaine was looking really pale and her lips were bluish-white.
She was sleeping a lot, I contributed it to the busy weekend and the lack of sleep she’d suffered due to the steroids.

Our appointment for Clinic was this morning. She is scheduled to go every day this week starting today for chemo injections. Everyone at the Christmas party told me how terrible this part of the treatment was for them. Adelaine was doing so well, I was really hoping that she’d not have any real issues with it.

Unfortunately, at our visit today her blood counts came back really low, so she got her chemo treatment, and a blood infusion. Adelaine has made it all this way without having to have any additional infusions. She had two in July when she was first diagnosed. There’s something about putting someone else’s blood into you child that is a little freaky.

I try really hard not to worry about all the things that can potentially go wrong. All day I tried to focus on how God made the blood that went into my child and He can purify it if somehow the scientists and machines missed something.

I must say that after her infusion, she perked right up! Her skin is peachy and her lips are red. She was hysterical (in the good way) at dinner and has started eating again. I suppose that instead of doing all this worrying about the blood, I should just be grateful for the nice person that donated it!!!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006, 01:36 AM

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