its late

I missed all of them so much I drove to Albany just to see them Saturday morning. Got up at 5am i was so excited. Talked to Angela for more than we have talked in years. I love her so much. I feel like I did when we first started dating. Anxious to see her again. Anxious to hold her hand. Time is gong to go slow this week I have a feeling.
We all went to church and had a great time. Sunday was Fred’s birthday and Monday is Freda’s birthday. Born one day apart, but Fred looks much older. =)
The kids are doing great. I took daisy to them and Adelaine takes her out for walks every hour. Never been able to do that before. They are soooooooo cute.
Gotta go. Just got home and trying to decompress so I can get a couple hours sleep before work. I had actually planned on leaving Saturday afternoon to come back. I’m glad that didn’t work out.
They should be back this next weekend. That will not be soon enough!

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