One of Adelaine’s prayer warriors, Jack Barmore, was recently diagnosed with cancer. Jack referred to Adelaine’s strength as a source of focus for himself and was determined to overcome cancer as Adelaine has done. Well, Jack has done even better. Friday, he has found eternal healing in Heaven. We are certain that he is a Christian, and that he knew the only way to get into Heaven was to accept Jesus into his heart. Jesus died on the cross and took with him all the sins of those who believe with him, so that we may be made perfect in God’s eyes. Jack & Joanne Barmore have a daughter Sherry who is married to our pastor Jeff Ghiotto. Jeff & Sherry are the grandparents of Abiella, who is Adelaine’s dear friend at Sunday School. Ella was born the same day as Adelaine and one Sunday they even wore the same dress to church, completely unplanned.

Jack, we know you are smiling down on us today and keep praying for Adelaine, she still has to take her poison (chemo). We miss you and your family misses you here, but we know you are whole and that we will see you again.

If you don’t know what will happen when you die, email us or call us. We would be happy to share Jesus with you.


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