Today we visited the clinic for a blood count check. Adelaine’s counts are still quite low, which really they should have gone back up by now. Also, she seems to be fighting off a cold. No fever so far! Please pray that her counts go back up and that the cold goes away.

Also, the other night Doug was holding Adelaine and her knee starting hurting her very badly. It went away as quickly as it came and she hasn’t had anymore problems. This is most likely nothing, but bone pain in a leukemia patient causes quite a scare. The doctors aren’t too concerned and are just going to watch for any more signs. They may pull more bone marrow in March when they do her next spinal injection. Honestly, because she has been taking her chemo as prescribed, there’s no real reason for concern of more leukemia. However lets all pray that she is clear and free and remains that way.

Dear Lord,

We lift Adelaine up to you. We pray that her counts go back up to a normal level, and that her cold goes away as she sleeps today and tonight. We also pray that the pain in her knee had nothing to do with cancer and that she remains cancer free for the rest of her life. The love and protection You give to precious Adelaineis so comforting. Thank You that she is in your hands and that those hands have forever healed her from this horrible disease.

In Your Holy name we pray.

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