I get to take Adelaine to the clinic by myself tomorrow to check her blood with a finger prick. I need some ideas of good bribes to get her to not cry. Help me people.
We had all kinds of fun stuff planned such as:
Beach everyday
Pool everyday (we joined a local country club pool last week)
Riding Bikes
Basically anything outside to keep from messing up the house reducing how much cleaning we have to do the 30 minutes before Angela gets home.
Now with Sis’ counts so low and the boys have a cough themselves wew will probably be doing the following:
Video games
Sleeping in the tent in mom & dad’s room
Pretty much anything inside. OOOOoooo. We may make a blanket fort in our room. I have yet to introduce that to them. Don’t tell Angela. I’m sure its dangerous somehow. No more dangerous than last year when I turned the playground slide and baby pool into the worlds fastest waterslide. That was AWESOME!!!
Please pray for baby Benjamin Douglas Donahue. He was born earlier this week and has had some breathing problems. Mike and Jennifer have been good friends for many years and I used to work with Mike in Atlanta. There are pictures floating around out there somewhere of us playing hookey from a Home Depot / Delta Faucet and checking the worlds smallest small mouth bass. Jennifer’s mother, Mama Johnson, always held Mason during the service @ Eastside Baptist Church. Oh Mason loved her.
He would stare over her shoulder at Dikembe Mutombo. Partially because he is the tallest person we have ever met but probably because he sounds like cookie monster.
Cookie Monster vs. Dikembe Mutombo

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