Master Cleanse November 2008

Angela and I started the Master Cleanse today. That means a concoction of:
2tbs fresh squeezed lemon/lime juice
2tbs Grade B Organic Maple Syrup
Dash Cayenne Pepper
8oz of water

Drink 6-12 times a day. Kind of like a spicy lemonade.
I did it 3 months ago and felt great while doing the cleanse. In the process, I lost over 30 pounds.

We have been working out together and I have done well with healthy eating for the most part and I actually have maintained the weight loss and also lost an additional 5 lbs since.
I still have some pounds to drop and with the holidays coming up I didn’t want to fight fluctuating up and down, so I am going at this from 2 perspectives.

First Perspective: Continued cleanse of my body.
While I have done a good job of eating fairly healthy, I do cheat one day a week. Actually the last week I cheated everyday except one. I knew I would be starting the cleanse and it would equal out.

A person is only supposed to do the cleanse every 3 months at the most. The cleanse takes place over a minimum of ten days. After the cleanse is over, you have to re-acclimate your body to consuming food or you could get very ill. I plan on doing the Master Cleanse at least twice a year.

With the holidays approaching here is my schedule thinking.
I wrapped up my first cleanse 3 months ago, at the end of July.
By going 10-15 days that would put me at Friday the 14th as my target finish date. Only one weekend with no food. Staying busy at work, keeps your mind off food.

My body has almost 2 weeks to get used to food before Thanksgiving.
Also, I usually start my resolutions after the Super Bowl. February 16th would be 3 months away and an opportunity to cleanse the rich delicious food from the Holiday’s and Football bowl parties.

Second Perspective: Weight Loss
My first Cleanse, I went from 255 to 230 in 10 days. The last 8 days I lost 5 pounds. Yes, I went 18 days without food the first time around. Never gone 24 hours without food before that. I actually stuck with a vegetarian lifestyle for the most part for the last 3 months as well. Never gone more than 2 days without meat before either.

With healthy eating and exercise I did dip down to 225 a couple weeks ago for approximately a week.

I am shooting for another 20 pounds of drop to bring me down to 205. I haven’t been there in almost a decade.

Now, weight loss is a side benefit. The cleanse is my primary focus. The garbage that goes into our bodies on a daily basis is disgusting.

My energy level has dropped off recently. When I last was on the cleanse, my body required less sleep and I was working out everyday.
My mind was sharp. I didn’t get a “Mad On” one time (that’s what you call it when you don’t eat for a couple hours and you get irritable.) no food for 18 days and not one hypo-glycemic like reaction.

At night you drink Smooth Move tea so you can help elimination occur. In the morning you drink warm water with 2 tbs of sea salt (before anything else) to REALLY kick the elimination into overdrive.

You can also drink decaffeinated mint tea to give yourself some flavor. I usually drink this every other night once the kids are in bed.

I was challenged at the office to actually journal my journey this time and am not certain where yet. Probably not here as I don’t see it as the proper forum. Maybe Facebook, maybe twitter I will let you know.

My twitter is

For now I am going to tweet my cravings on twitter onto facebook as they can be comical. My first craving was bacon wrapped tuna sushi rolls. Yes, cook the bacon, but not too crispy. Then wrap it around the sushi rolls with the rice on the outside of the seaweed and pin with a toothpick if needed. Ooooooo, extra wasabi would really knock it even further out of the park. IF you ever find this concoction anywhere let me know.

Otherwise watch out for it at the Holiday parties I attend. I’m telling you, it sounds weird, but you know deep down you would love it.

If you work at a restaurant or know anyone that owns one keep checking back. I am known for all kinds of killer food ideas like this that I make and blow people’s minds with. I will be creating a wild menu of craziest sounding mind blowing deliciousness over the next 2 weeks.

Feeling hungry. Gotta mix some spicy lemonade…

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