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Mona Vie gave Adelaine her life back an entire 1 1/2 year earlier…

Before MonaVie, Adelaine had no quality of life. She spent literally hours in her toddler bed in our living room watching Barney video’s. She did not have the energy to play with her toys. Her entire body ached with flu-like symptoms, and she insisted that we carry her if she needed to get out of bed for any reason.

Adelaine now has the energy of that of a typical 3 year old, which actually exceeds that of her two older brothers!!! Our family is in awe over her seemingly boundless energy. She recently created an outlet in order to release it all. Imagine that, our baby once near dying now feels grrrreat and has so much energy she had to invent a way to release it all! She does a little hip hop dance while singing Skit Scat Scooby Do, Skit Scat Scooby Do! Thinking back on all those miserably gloomy months of her lying in bed hardly able to move, it’s like we have a brand new person in the house. Over these past few months she’s kept improving and now she’s just over the top, literally spilling over with energy. Our little girl who has been lost for almost a year has returned and we couldn’t be more ecstatic!!!!!!!!

Looking back at where we’ve been is vital because I know we can use our story to help so many other people. All things work together for good, and by sharing there will be so much good come out of it. I really want as much good as possible to come out of our Adelaine’s having to suffer so. Here’s our story, please read on…

Within days of being diagnosed, the Dr’s no longer found any trace of cancer in Adelaine’s body, but the current course of action is taking various medicines including chemotherapy for 2 1/2 years. We have to give her potentially cancer causing agents in order to be assured that the Leukemia doesn’t come back in the short term.
All these medicines have had a variety of side effects. Of course the loss of her beautiful golden blonde hair is the most obvious, but probably the most heart wrenching has been the loss of energy. Our little bundle of sunshine had turned into a gloomy, grumpy, tired little girl.

Saying it is bad enough, but living it was unimaginable. As her mother, I have never been so depressed. Buying a bed to put in our living room for her was when I really began to come to terms with the controlling grip this curse has had on her body! The flu lasts only a week or two, but Leukemia treatments would last for 2 ½ years. With the flu, we camp out on the tile floor for a few and get through it. When I thought about the past eight months, I would break down at the thought of having yet another almost two more years to go. The fear and despair I felt was overwhelming. I prayed that God would just come and take us all so we wouldn’t have to continue on.

After 8 months of watching our baby struggle to smile, or even get out of bed, we were so thankful that she was still with us but were feeling quite defeated. We were on the front lines, still alive but getting an awful beating. What happened next was absolutely life changing for our family. I can’t wait to share…

A very good friend came over to visit, Fred Boisvert. He had with him a gift for Adelaine. It turned out, the gift was really from God, and Fred was just the messenger. He gave us two bottles of juice called, MonaVie. You know how sometimes you should think it but not say it, well, here’s what I was really thinking… “We feel hopeless and just want to hurry through the two years, taking one miserable day at the time. Like juice is going to help us now, give me a break. I read the literature, which is pretty convincing, but come on we’re dealing head to head with cancer here. I am sure that this stuff really has helped other people, but it’s too late for Adelaine she is too far into this for it to help her now”.

We knew God would get us through, but the journey was a dreaded one. We were so beaten by Adelaine’s illness that this gift sat untouched in our refrigerator for a few weeks. Who knew God was trying to give us something that could really turn things around for her? After all Fred was a man of God and lived one of the healthiest lifestyles of anyone we’ve ever met. There is no one I can thank of more credible and honest than Fred, but I just simply dismissed his suggestion, Doug did to. I guess in this instance, not to take the fruit was the sin!!!

Who knew that our answers were right within our reach? After much persistence on Fred’s part and a lack of other juice to mix Adelaine’s crushed chemo pill, we mixed Adelaine’s chemo with about 3 ounces of MonaVie. Fred and his wife Jen prayed so hard that we would open our eyes to the literature they’d given us and open that bottle of Mona Vie. Finally, we did!

The next day Adelaine had a great day in the energy department. Coincidence? Maybe. After the third day of smiles and energy, we realized something was significantly different. Day 7, Doug called Fred and asked him to come tell us more about MonaVie. We learned about the Acia berry, organically grown in the Amazon Rain Forest, and its amazing health-promoting properties used to treat numerous ailments. For the past four months, Adelaine has never missed a day of her “Moby”! In fact, our entire family has not missed a day. Now I am ready to shout it from the rooftop! Since then we’ve done numerous hours of research and have met with Nutritionists and Chemists and Pharmacists. We’ve met with people who have taken it for years as well as people who have just recently started taking it. Their testimonies have blown us away. We’ve met other cancer survivors, diabetics, people with Arthritis, Eczema, Migraines, back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and the list goes on and on. The University of Florida did a study in 2006 on the Acia berry; one of the first to investigate the fruit’s purported benefits. The study showed that the Acia extract killed up to 86% of Leukemia cells tested! Taking our health for granted came to a screeching halt on July 1st 2006. But exactly how to take back what was taken from us was simply a mystery. We can’t go back and change our past, all we can do is “keep moving forward”. For us we will continue on our journey of being pro-active with our health. It is empowering to take control and make conscious, educated decisions about how we treat our bodies.

Her Oncology group was asked about taking Mona Vie, and they said,” As long as it’s just juice, it should be fine”. Since Adelaine started on Mona Vie a few months ago, not only does she have her energy back, but she is completely potty trained, her hair is growing back, its not just hair, but it’s thick, gorgeous and healthy. Her coloring is beautiful; she no longer looks ghostly white with dark circles under her eyes. She no longer stutters when she speaks, she doesn’t complain of all over aches and pains, and her nausea has completely subsided. She no longer takes laxatives or antacids. She doesn’t get mouth sores anymore. She’s happy, she sings and skips and makes gigantic messes with her toys! She’s sweet, loving, talkative, and full of expression. She’s eating healthier, and she’s finally on a schedule, (except of course during the five days a month steroid treatment). She has her life back and we have our Adelaine back!

Adelaine has been drinking MonaVie since the middle of March 2007. Her energy level has grealty improved since that time. In fact she has only had 2 days that her energy level was low. Before MonaVie she only had about 2 days that her energy level was high. Her chemo takes alot out of her. Often times getting her to eat is next to impossible. 4 ounces of MonaVie is equivalent to 5 servings of fruit.

Yes, she still gets sick, but what are we to expect? She is taking such a huge barrage of medicines that lower her immune system, that she is bound to get sick if the wind changes direction. All I know is that now we are actually adding good nutrition to her daily cancer treatments, where before, all she was getting was focused on killing cancer and counteracting the side effects of killing the cancer.

Acai is the star of the show in the MonaVie blend, but the magic is in the total fruit blend. 19 fruits make up the juice, covering the whole color spectrum. According to the American Cancer Society and the American Medical Association our nutritional needs are best covered by eating fruits from the whole spectrum. I don’t know about you, but usually I eat 1 serving of fruit maximum a day. I now am getting my daily 5 servings of fruit from 4 ounces of MonaVie.

Prevention is the key to cancer as well as all other conditions and diseases. With proper nutrition and exercise we dramatically reduce the risk of many of todays afflicitons. Our lifestyles, (mine included) are so hectic, that we dont “have time” to eat right, let alone exercise. That is another reason MonaVie is so right today. 2 ounces when you roll out of bed and 2 ounces before rolling into bed and you cover your a large protion of your daily nutritional needs.

MonaVie is not just for cancer patients. MonaVie is for anyone that is looking to live a healthier lifestyle. We have met hundreds of MonaVie users in our short time involved with MonaVie. We have met people that have improved health conditions that have had the following:

Type 1 Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
and the list goes on…

While MonaVie is not a cure for anything, the nutritional value can possibly help your body function more normally. Not everyone feels the effects as quickly or as drastically as some. Who do you know who would be willing to try a delicious tasting juice, that could possibly help them feel better?

MonaVie is a network marketing opportunity.  If you have a friend that is a distributor, use them to order.  If not, feel free to order through us, as it helps offset the cost of Adelaine’s MonaVie.

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  1. EDGAR on May 18, 2010 at 12:43 am

    Is your daughter still on treatment? My daughter had ALL Leukemia but has been off threapy for a year and a half and she is doing well. Do you recommend Monavie? I heard Monavie helps in the prevention of leukemia

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