Today we got a call from the dentist. I guess we won the cancellation prize! What perfect timing too. She had to be on Omnicef before the cleaning and low and behold she is already on it for her blood infection! These days we never know what the day may bring. The boys went last week without her because she was in the hospital, so she had to fly solo on her very first trip. She even seemed a little excited about going. When we got there they had us watch video footage about a Chimpanzee getting his teeth cleaned! He actually went to the dentist and walked us through the entire process, a piece of cake, right? She happily went to the back with me and there he was no not the Chimp but a little boy, Chandler getting his teeth cleaned. Adelaine freaked when she saw this. It just looked painful to her. She looked at me and announced that she was not going to open her mouth! Chandler told her that it didn’t hurt, but she just couldn’t believe him. For the next fifteen minutes Adelaine screamed. She screamed through the entire cleaning process, but at least she did open her mouth! They dentist told me I was doing a great job of brushing her teeth, me, a great job! I’m not sure if I heard the harmonizing sounds of angels of if my ears were just still ringing, but the news was unbelievable to me. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he would have told me that she had 15 cavities or so.

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