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On Saturday, July 1, 2006, I took Adelaine to All Children’s Hospital at around 5:00AM, by 7:00AM she was diagnosed with Leukemia…

Adelaine had been sick and sleeping in bed with us for about a week. On Thursday we had taken her to the Pediatrician and he said she must have a virus or the flu. (Usually when the children are sick we try to keep them home and care for them ourselves.) Everyone knows the only thing that can heal a cold or virus is R&R!! However mom noticed Adelaine had swollen glands behind her ears. It felt like Skittles or M&M’s were implanted under her skin. Finding this really scared us, infact, I even asked our pediatrition, after we rushed her to his office, if she had cancer. He was like ,”Oh my goodness, no she doesn’t have cancer”! He said that it was normal and she was fighting off an infection. Not to worry.

On Friday she had some other swelling that again greatly concerned us out and really bothered her. We again called the doctor. He determined that she must have a bladder infection and she began antibiotics. By about 3:00 AM Saturday morning we knew that something was really wrong. Angela decided to take her to All Children’s Hospital, thinking that she’d be back home and in bed before the boys ever knew they were gone!

Our Pediatrician, by the way, was right on the money with his diagnosis. It should have been the flu or a virus and a bladder infection. I believe that he would have eventually found it, but we were very early into it. Leukemia comes on very acutely, and Adelaine, was very early into it.

I do, however, want everyone to know that if a child is ill and the Pediatrician can’t identify the problem, please go get a second, third or forth opinion. Pediatricians are not trained to look for cancer. Cancer kills and does not just go away. We have made so many friends whose children have suffered so much more because of a missed or lack of diagnosis. IF YOUR PEDIATRITION SAYS THAT YOUR CHILD IS FAKING GET A SECOND OPINION!!! Some signs to look for are swollen glands, bone pain which may alternate around the body, flu like symptoms which do not go away. If you notice that in photographs your child has only one glowing white eye, get it checked out. These symptoms MAY be a sign of cancer. I’ve seen a lot of it, but now our circle is a group of people who have come together due to rare circumstances!

That being said, here’s what happened next…

The doctor at All Children’s said that it probable was just the flu and bladder infection, and to continue with the antibiotics. Almost as an afterthought he suggested we do a blood test just to be certain. When the nurse came in I questioned if we really needed to draw blood and she talked me right into it, the blood was drawn …

Later the doctor came in and apologized for taking so long. I honestly didn’t notice as Adelaine and I were snuggled together comfortably watching Barney videos!! The next words out of his mouth totally blew me away.

He said, “We found some irregular white blood cells, and she either has cancer or a virus”. He then offers to have the cancer unit come in to talk with me. I declined and said we’d just go with the virus theory for now, knowing that his offer was his way of saying “its cancer”.

We were immediately admitted, and more blood was drawn. By this time Doug was with us. The oncologist came in and closed the door, then announced that our little girl had Leukemia.


My name is Adelaine Brighton Powell. I was diagnosed with ALL Acute Lymphatic Leukemia on July 1, 2006. I’m 2 1/2 years old and I have a kitty named Meow. She is white and has blue eyes like mine. Everywhere I go in the house I take my kitty. I even dressed up like a kitty for Halloween. I like to dance and play with my baby dolls.

I got sick in July and I got to stay in All Childrens Hospital for 10 days. I got to eat spaghetti 3 or 4 times a day. I now have a port in my chest for sticky prickies. I dont like it when mommy puts the numbing cream on my port before I go to the clinic, so now I just get a sticky pricky in my port with no cream.

I have a new haircut just like my daddy. He got his first but he has to keep cutting his. My hair stays nice and short and doesn’t get in my eyes anymore.

I love to watch Barney. I even have a TV in my room now and I get to watch Barney anytime I want. My friends gave me lots of Barney videos. I have 14 Barney videos and I almost have them all memorized.

Every night I pray with my daddy that I will keep getting better and that I never ever get cancer again. Thank you for visiting my website. Make sure you check back often.


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  2. Michelle Chunn on July 21, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    My 3 year old son Cole was diagnosed with lymphoblastic lymphoma May 2009. Your stories are such a insperation and so truthfull thank you for writing them. Your daughter is beautiful.

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