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Tuesday, February 26, 2008, 01:17 AM

I realize that in the wake of Delaney’s earning of her wings that this may not seem as appropriate, but I finally started a new blog as a tribute to our favorite athlete/celebrity/real life hero: Brad Richards

Brad Richards Fan Club . Brad has been the biggest sports news in Tampa the last few weeks as the biggest rumored hockey trade at the trade deadline. The reason for this is we have a new proposed owner, Oren Koules. Oren (most famous as the “Hollywood Producer” of the evil SAW movies) is looking at buying our team and cutting payroll in order to make even more money, thus destroying our hockey team in order to grow his fortune even faster.

The lockout that happened the year after the ‘Ning won the Cup, resulted in a salary cap / profit sharing deal virtually guaranteeing all NHL owners make a huge profit, I was under the impression that owning a sports franchise was more of a status symbol/tax write off rather than a blatant way to make money from fans!

Brad has fallen victim to an underperforming second line as well as, get this, MONO this year. Yes, he contracted mono about the same time he adopted our family for Christmas. No, Angela never showed signs of the “kissing disease”. I know she would have gladly accepted the side effects, given the carrier…

We will be using this new blog as a way to honor Brad and the goodwill that he represents. Please feel free to visit, post blog entries, pictures, as well as POSITIVE comments. There is enough negativity in this world already, Brad’s blog is for =) Happy Thoughts =)
You never know, Brad may be watching…

simply go to www.bradrichardsfanclub.com or click HERE


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